Separate SSIDs for 2.4 and 5.0 band

I work for an integration company and have installed eeros in at least 15 houses, but it seems I have to pull at least half of them.  Savant Pro handheld remotes require a stand alone 2.4 SSID.  When the SSID is a 2.4 and 5.0 mixed band, the remotes fall offline regularly.  Since most of my clients are Savant users, they cannot be eero users until this feature is added.


Thanks for the time.

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  • I just installed a new network using five eero 6 dual band gateway devices in bridge mode.   I have four hard wired and one wireless.  The ISP for this house uses a wireless point to point system that utilizes a 5 ghz transceiver.  The Eeros are interfering with the transceiver and causing the service to drop.  Your tech support says that there is no way to permanently disable the 5ghz radios in the eeros and there is no way to white list or blacklist channels on the eeros.  Those would be the only two ways I know of to solve this problem.  Evidently there is a way to disable the 5ghz radio for ten minutes for troubleshooting.  If you can disable it for 10 minutes, you could disable it permanently but have chosen not to provide this capability.   I don’t care how you do it, but please give me a way to instruct the eeros to steer clear of specific 5ghz channels.  Doesn’t seem like a very big ask.  Now I need to pull these eeros from this job  and replace with another product that has the ability to do this.

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  • I'll add to Ddetton. My provider gives me 400 Mbs. If I'm right next to the router, I'm on 5G and I get high 300s download. If I move just 20 feet away from the router, it switches to 2.4 and I get less than 50 Mbs. If eero can temporarily shut down 5G, there is no reason why 5G can't be permanently shut down. And if 5G can be shut down, there should be no reason why 2.4 can't be shut down. The way it is now, the eero system has really added nothing to my network. Very dissatisfied and disappointed.

  • I would like to add my name to this list.  A majority of my IoT devices (partial list below) do not play well with mesh networks and/or require 2.4 GHz. 

    * Mitsubishi (Kumo Cloud), Sonos (Streaming services), Molekule, Nest (broadcasting issue), and others. 

    These issues seem to have gotten progressively worse over the past 12-16 months.

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      BigCityGuy They have made it perfectly clear over and over again that they are never going to give us this ability.  It would be effortless for them to add but they don't care what their customers want if it doesn't align with their goals of a fully automated limited idiot proof system.  The simplest way I have found to resolve this is to simply purchase one of these for $27 and plug it in using it's ethernet port.  Then you can set it up how you want.  "That other" company will let you set up your purchase anyway you please.  I've been using this method for about a year and a half.  It works perfectly and because of eero's response to this issue among others I will never buy or recommend ANY eero product in the future.  I won't make that mistake twice or more accurately a 6th time because I have installed 4 of these eero systems for customers and 1 for myself before this became an issue a year and a half ago.  At the time I couldn't imagine that they would refuse to provide such a simple feature that literally EVERY competing product offers out of the box.

    • lee_adama Thank you.  If I need to buy additional hardware to supplement the missing features it might be time to kiss Eero goodbye.  Very disappointed. Have you given any thought to going 100% with that solution, in place of a mix of things?

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      BigCityGuy Oh yes, and I will do that at some point.  The reality I'm afraid is that this situation did not come up right away and by the time I realized that eero was never going to fix this it was well past the return date of my hardware.  I was unwilling to throw $400 worth of hardware into the trash and that's why I came up with this solution.  The sad reality is that other than their refusal to add this or other very basic features the eero system performs quite well.  If you never need the missing features you may well be very happy with the system.  I certainly was at first.  You'd better just hope you never end up being a "special case" because you cannot work around even the simplest problems and eero will NOT help you.

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  • I was so sick of asking and waiting for Eero to make a change, I ended up throwing my euros in the trash and cut my losses. For nearly the same price I have installed a CAT5 system. in which I have full control of my SSID and what channels I want to use; Plus, I can create internet hot spots and add a Sur charge if someone wants to use my internet, among other fantastic things. Eero could have kept more customers and been more helpful, but they don't and I make sure I tell that to who ever asks me about wifi or internet. I went out of my way at Best Buy, to tell this lady about the way Eero works and conducts business, she did not buy the pods. GOOD JOB Eero!! 

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  • If you won't allow this, how about the ability to create a new SSID and make it 2.4 or 5 only. Or at least to preference one over the other.

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