Indicate if Device is on Main Network or Guest Network

Can you please add the ability to see if a device is on the Main Network or the Guest Network?

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  • Hi  Jonathan

    Welcome to the eero community and thanks for sharing this feature request!

    I'm happy to pass along this feedback to our team! If there are any updates, I'll be sure to share them here 😀

    Thanks again!

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  • Jeff C. Thank you, that helps me to know if I need to modify my main network password if a device is on it.

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  • Defiantly something I would like to have as well

  • I agree with this recommendation.  It would be a more holistic approach to supporting a guest network.

  • Supporting this request for sure (I think there's a similar request along these lines elsewhere). One approach might be to list the main network devices first, then a header or line of some sort, followed by the guest network devices (since they're on different subnets it might be easy to group them?). Thanks!

  • Would love this. Having the same device list / history for guest network would be great. 

  • +1 this would be nice to have.  For those looking for this, you can kind of track this today.  If you take a look at the other devices connected to the guest network and note the subnets, you can figure out if another device is connected to your guest or main network.

  • I would also like to see data download and upload rates for each client connected to the guest network, just as is provided for the main network. Without it, how do we know if there are clients on the guest network hogging all of the available bandwidth?

  • Can we get this implemented? I really would like to know who is on which network at this point.

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      it’s now available. Thanks eero dev team!

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