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On my internal network I run a DNS server so I can get to various machines by name (i.e. I can VNC to "macmini" instead of ""...  Or I can hit my ReadyNAS admin page by going to http://readynas/admin

With my old router I easily did this by having the option in the DHCP settings to change the DNS server to my internal DNS IP address.  EERO has no such option and only replicates the DNS server given by my cable provider.

If I try and do a custom DNS of the eero then falls into a "disconnected" state and it won't perform updates.  My internal DNS has DNS forwarding setup to the Google DNS servers and works fine in resolving all external names.

How can this be accomplished on the eero?

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  • So I'm guessing with no reply there is no way to change the DHCP scope settings in eero?   So my next question is how to simply disable DHCP on the eero?   It seems bridge node takes it way too far, I still want eero to be my primary router to the internet and therefore also want it to manage port mapping, I will just use a Raspberry Pi as my DHCP server since error gives no ability to server up an internal DNS server from DHCP.

  • heyandy you can change both the scope and the DNS settings.

    To change the DHCP lease pool you just go to Menu > Network Settings > Advanced Settings > DHCP & NAT, then tap Manual IP. From there you'll pick the prefix, likely in your case. Then under "Lease range" at the bottom, tap on Subnet IP and change it to, Subnet Mask, and the Starting/Ending IPs to whatever you want the scope to be. Changing this will prompt you to reboot the network.

    Then go back to Menu > Network Settings > Advanced Settings > DNS, tap Custom DNS, and type in Changing DNS will also prompt you to reboot. That should do the trick.

  • This is a serious omission in this product. My eero was given to me so I probably can't send it back. If I had bought it myself, it would be going back with negative reviews. This thing is WAY to expensive to not provide a feature like that.

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  • ...and the feature I'm referring to is providing an internal name server for internal names.

  • I purchased a three-pack of Eero pro's last week and have just discovered that name resolution for internal machines is not working. (e.g.I cannot connect to a machine by name, only by finding the IP it has).

    This seems so basic and is something that $50 routers for years have supported, so is it really not supported by Eero with a $500 setup?

    This would be a definite return moment for me.

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      ajgcx yup. I’m going to have a delicate conversation today with my son (who bought me a 2-Pack) about if he’d be willing to return it. This is a showstopper. 

  • I bought a 3-pack of eeros back in April when I moved but I'm just now getting around to setting up some servers and raspberry pis.  I've had a good experience with the system but I'm honestly extremely surprised that such a basic feature is not present.  If I had realized this three months ago I might have bought a different product.  Please implement this.  Pretty please?

  • I'm not sure if this is new or just obscure, but try adding .local to your hostnames.  My eero network happily resolves lan hostnames, but you have to request machinename.local.  Just asking for machinename doesn't work.

    EDIT: Don't mind me -- .local is mDNS -- not managed by the router.  Derp.


  • Dam, just discovered this when my internal DNS server (pi hole) was showing IP's not hostnames..... I have conditional forwarding setup (pointing to Eero) I ignorantly thought it would resolve the names (seems to do a good job via the app???). Shame 😢

    I agree expensive product for a basic missing feature. my old Netgear was able to do this.... 

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