Just purchased an eero.....a few concerns

My concerns are mostly with the connected devices which are being listed.  Concerns are:


1- all devices are showing as idle when many are connected and heavily streaming. My son is watching YouTube on an iPad and my Xbox is downloading a large game. They show idle activity

2- my Xbox one x shows as hard wired to the kitchen which is a beacon. It couldn’t be hard wired. I want it to connect to the main eero in my office but because it’s showing as hard wired to the kitchen I don’t know how it’s connected at the moment as it’s showing incorrectly.

3- not all connected devices are showing  I have 3 nest devices- 2 Thermostat’s and the nest hello doorbell  all are connected and working but only 2 are listed.  My Alexa is also not listed at all although actively streaming and playing music (ignore the connection listed as Alexa in my screenshot- I think that’s my wink hub but have confirmed it’s not Alexa based on the MAC address and have since renamed it)


i checked the firmware and it’s all up to date  anyone know how to resolve these issues?  This was one of the selling features for me with the eero, being able to see what is connected and connection speeds for every device.  I don’t have that functionality currently which is a let down as the reviews online were great


screenshots attached



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  • Talk to eero support. They can probably answer all these questions and/or fix any of the issues.

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  • It seems to have fixed itself. I noticed it did upgrade to a new version so maybe that did it. Thanks for the response!

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