Notification if Eero goes offline

I would love a feature to email or text me if an AP goes offline.  In general this would be nice but for me specifically I have installed Eeros in a weekend rental house.  I am worried that they may go home with a renter.  If when unplugged I could somehow be notified via email or text I would know something was up.

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  • Hi JimBob

    Thanks for this feature request and welcome to the eero community!

    Seems pretty straightforward 😃 I'll be happy to share it with the rest of our team. I'll be sure to update this topic if there are any updates regarding this request.

  • In general any sort of advanced logs about health of network would be great. Anytime an eero reboots, or goes offline, or installs a firmware update, or has a client connect/disconnect... Having such logs would help when debugging issues with the network. Today we have to call support.

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  • Getting a notification (optionally via SMS) if the Eero detects that the connection to the Internet goes down would be nice as part of this Notification enhancement.  

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  • For a networking solution that is supposed to simplify home network management, I'm very surprised to find that the mobile app does not communicate events such as connectivity loss, individual devices offline or firmware update available via iOS notifications. Am I really expected to check the app every few days or go online to r/Eero or this site to learn that a firmware update has been released? This seems broken to me and should be pretty easy to fix. 

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  • A notification from the Eero app would be perfect for me.

  • Agree with this. An sms or email based on the account info when a device is offline would be useful. In app notifications would not be useful for me, as I have about 6 accounts so I can only be logged into two at a time (one on iPad, one on phone).

  • Any update on this? Such a simple and much-needed feature. Why so resistant to implement?

      • Jeff C.
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      • Jeff_C
      • 2 yrs ago
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      macsamurai —

      Thanks for checking in. We don't have an update to share at this time, but happy to share the continued interest with our team.

  • I'd like to add a possible alternative / add on to this request:  Rather than email, would it be possible to have the notification go through the app onto our phones?  Given Eero is already installed (one would assume) for the owner / administrator, this is a quick way to get an update.

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    • DisagreeableDad I'd settle for smoke signals at this point... anything is better than nothing!

  • Please do this.  I'd pay $5/month for this feature.

  • I'd really love this feature!!!

  • Strongly agree that offline notification is necessary. Surprised that we are 2 years into this feature request (which should be pretty simple) and no updates. 

  • Can it be included in the subscription service? I agree with those that are saying this fairly simple feature request has taken way too long. The development involved should be fairly straight forward as you already know when a device is offline and not reporting. Just add a configurable delay before notifying and leverage the push notifications of the application. I think it is also critical to add logging for historical purposes.

  • Can we get an update on this? If it's still "of interest" but not in progress, can we at least get an IFTTT or other 3rd part app integration to notify us?

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