Multiple admins for a single network

My company has an eero network in our office, and I would like for other employees to be able to log into the eero app as an admin to pause Wi-Fi for certain family member profiles, view connection strength info, etc.

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  • Hi pcowgill

    Thanks for this feature request and welcome to the eero community!

    Happy to share to this feedback with our team and I look forward to others chiming in with their thoughts and interest in this feature.

  • I manage this with a group on mail server such as eero@ourcompany.com that forwards to multiple people.

  • I'd like to +1 this.

    At a minimum, the ability to have others in the household be able to log in enough to set, reset, or send out the Guest network password would be great.

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  • Totally +1 for this.  My wife and I would love this when pausing the kids.  We are sometimes not in the same location so separate admins would be appreciated 

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  • +1 for this, some customers like for me to manage their networks so they asks me to keep the eero network in my account but they can not see anything. 

  • This is a feature that is really needed. Since most homes have at lease two individuals that need access to admin features.

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  • Would also love to see this.

  • This feature does exist for "Pro/Custom Installers" - so I'm not sure why it cannot be ported over to the oodles and oodles of "family and friends" and/or local neighborhood tech support techies.

    I imagine the issue is ultimately security...

    Or more nefariously the feature is being reserved only for those "Partnering" and selling the solution (aka, Managed Service Providers and the like). If that's the case what a shame!

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    • jasonhendren I'm specifically mentioning this because I just setup the solution for family in NY (who we're skeptical - but now happy) - but now I'm trying to find a way to manage what I setup for them... Guess I should've chosen Google's version? Or Orbi? Geez, is eero ultimately a great product that is removing functionality?!

  • I travel a lot and it would be great to allow my spouse to have her own set of admin credentials to manage the network.

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  • Sharing network control with a family member is a big deal, especially when you have a holiday home. This is the major reason I can't wholeheartedly recommend Eero. Please please please add this functionality. It would make so much difference for a very valid and not uncommon set of use cases.

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  • I have the same scenario. Loved my Eero's so much I got a pair for my parents. But I can't manage both their accounts and mine in the app. They are elderly and I must be able to fix things for them on occasion.

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  • I would love this feature also!

  • Yes please add this. I was shocked to find out I can't have my wife and me both act as admins. This is a must have feature for homes with kids.

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  • Not being able to have multiple family members manage the network really sucks. It wouldn’t be that bad if you could share a password, but due to a password less sign on flow, even this isn’t easily possible. 

  • This would make doing long-distance parental tech support so much easier for so many of us.

    "Okay dad, try to login, but tell me the code they text you.  The eero app.  On your phone."

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  • How can you have a parental control setup where there isn't an easy way for two parents to login and control? 

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  • I'm the family & friends IT guy.  I've installed 3 Eero systems so far (in two countries) because they appear so self sufficient.  However to log into any of them I have call them to ask what the two factor token was which is a PITA.  I also don't want to use my own credentials because if I don't teach these people to swim I'm going to quit helping them.  I'm losing interest in installing any more of these systems because I have to talk to humans to log in.  +1 for "Multiple admins for a single network"  You just might end up selling more units...

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  • This has been difficult for our family.  I installed the app and naturally set myself up as the admin.  I didn't realize that I would be the sole provider.  My husband would also like to be able to administer the system.

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