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I would like to see a histogram of the speed test taken. This would allow to see a historical record of speed tests taken.  The eero already take snapshots of speed test and it would Ben good to be able to go back over time to see the trend of speed to troubleshoot network issues. 

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    • Jeff_C
    • 6 yrs ago
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    Hi everyone!

    With the release of the eero app version 2.11.0, you can now see the results of your last 30 speed tests. This data can be found from the speed test screen of the app.

    Thanks for all your feedback and for this request! 

    • imahawki
    • 6 yrs ago
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    I'd like to see this feature as well.

    • Skeeter
    • 6 yrs ago
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    I would say that this is a feature that would be a nice to have but I've lived without it this long that It's not a priority to me.  That said however it would be good to have this in the same place I look several times a day to see how my network is performing, and would be useful to see if I should be yelling at my ISP.

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    • 5 yrs ago
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    Hi all,

      this is my first posting in the community, and would like to thank you for making the history available, it is great to have!

    At the same time, I would like to see it extended beyond the last month. Ideally, would like to see a full year (if not two) of history in case things go wrong and I need to have a discussion with my service provider about the network speed I have been experiencing.  Assume my speed drops over time (or all the sudden), it would be ideal if I could show to the provider that my connection was ok for several months, then went down on a give date and has not recovered since. Or alternatively in a case of 100Mb subscription I have at the moment, I might not notice if it slows to 70 or 50 or even 30 Mbps if not watching it daily and weekly myself. 

    The same speed erosion over the months and years could also happen as a result of more subscribers are getting added in the same area, and the provider not adding capacity to their network at the required rate (they might easily skimp on that as we all know...).   In such a case, the eero speedtest results daily history would be a non-disputable evidence of not getting what I am paying for, and would help both the subscribers as well as the service provider to see at what time did the speeds start to deteriorate, and at which rate.

    Currently available one month history is quick gone (and so is the evidence), and trying to save it with screen shots is hard, and even if saving/printing was available (which is not, afaik), it would be far from ideal.  Would it be possible to make it user configurable, maybe with default at current 1 month, but possible to set a higher value - for example 12 or 24 months? 

    At the same time, few clarifying questions about the speed test and how is it ran.I assume that when I initiate the speedtest from the app,

    1) the request from the app goes to eero.com servers in the US (CA?),

    2) eero.com servers then connect to my gateway eero to initiate the test.

    ...but what is the speedtest server the gateway runs the test against? I am in Europe (Finland), and while I am seeing good speeds most of the time (100Mbps up and down), just wondering what is my gateway eero testing against and how? Which protocol is it using (tcp or udp - maybe udp to avoid the tcp window slowing it down)? I don't see how the server could be with my service provider, as I assume the speedtest is a proprietary implementation, as there is no standard for speedtests. It must be something eero.com is in control of - right? The question is even more puzzling because eero's are not supported outside US, so how come I see 100Mbps speeds if running against a server on the other side of the globe...?

    Thanks for shedding some light on above.

    • Explore360
    • 1 yr ago
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    Why have a smart device dashboard that doesn’t take data and output information insights?  As a user we expect a device to make our lives better to be an always on sentinel. I want to know when I have outages and of course you should give us a Infograph of speed fluctuations. 

      • Explore360
      • 1 yr ago
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      Explore360 even a simple time stamp Is obvious to give user perspective of when the info was collected. 

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