How do I block a website for a specific user?

I have profiles set up for all devices in the house, but want to have the ability to block specific websites for specific profiles (otherwise I'd ditch Eero plus and use an OpenVPN solution - but would rather this be user-specific)

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  • eero and community,

    So as of Dec 2019, the ability to block specific websites does not exist within eero.  What have users done to resolve (or work around) this in the short term?  Clearly we are in a school year now and need to do something asap then waiting for software enhancements.    Do we use a VPN?  If so, which ones work best with eero?  Can the eero dev group give us some type of guidance to work with this current gap?    (I work in software dev and we do this all the time for current product gaps).    

  • Come on! Is there an update to this yet? I am getting really Fired up about the lack of basic features here

  • Seriously. Eero support. This would be very useful. 

  • Seems users have been asking for this feature for two years - Its important and your competitors are offering it. I would suggest you move quickly as Google, Netgear and others offer this ability. One question I have is that domains can be blocked at the router level - what would happen if a router connected to the internet (a bridge) and then connected Eero? The idea being that the router could then block specific sites - and sites that are not blocked could leverage the speed and utility of the Eero mesh network? 

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