SmartThings Integration

I would like to request that an integration with SmartThings be considered. It might not sound like Am integration with SmartThings would bring much to the table, but consider these scenarios and how they could better secure the home. 



When nobody is home, disable the guest network. 

When everyone goes to bed, disable the guest network. 

When a person comes home, unblock their access  

When a person leaves, block their access. 

When Good Night runs block kids internet access. 

When good morning runs unblock kids internet access. 

When the family goes on vacation, shut off guest network and block all but essential devices. 



Turn on or flash a light when a new device is detected on the guest network.

Send an alert or turn on a siren if a smoke detector goes off the network. 


Other uses:

Trigger action or alert when internet speed test falls out of tolerance. 

Trigger action when internet connectivity is lost  

Cycle power on a smart plug to reboot an eero node  


The possibilities are endless. Eero is a smart WiFi system and is in my opinion a perfect match for SmartThings!

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  • It sounds like a lot of cool features. 

    The one I don’t really get is blocking the access. Why block someone’s access when they leave Home? whay could happen if it’s not blocker?

  • I know this request is over a year old but as someone who installing a SmartThings system in their new home and already owns eero I would really like to see this integration. 

  • Now that Amazon owns Eero is owned by Amazon I doubt we'll ever see it, especially any collaboration with Samsung..  I've also left SmartThings so this is really meaningless to me now.  I'd prefer to see an official API instead.

  • I think this integration possibility will become "table-stakes" in premium whole house wifi very soon, especially for the demographic that Eero targets.

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