Feature Request: Ability to Dim/turn off the eero status light

I would like the ability to turn off or dim the status light on the front of the eero. I have an eero in the master bedroom and tried LightDims but that isn't an optimal solution as white LightDims only cut about 30%

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    We just announced that in a soon-to-come release, you will be able to control the LED on your eero via the app or through an Alexa skillset!

    In the coming days, eero customers who own an Echo will be able to:

    • Find your devices, throughout your home, based on which eero the device is closest to.
    • Pause the internet for dinner or other family moments.
    • Turn off the LED lights for bedtime (which you’ll now be able to do from the app, as well).

    Thanks for your patience and for voicing your desire for such a feature! We look forward to continuing to deliver on other feature requests in future updates. Keep them coming :)

  • It is too bright for a bedroom!

    Having the option to disable the light when in normal operation would be a good thing.  (So it would still light up when there is an error condition.)

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  • Welcome to the eero community, Taige! Thank you for your early contributions, we look forward to hearing more from you!

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  • I agree. We should have the ability to turn off the 'on' light and only have it show up if there are issues. Sonos already does on it's devices. As silly as it sounds it is an important feature so I don't have to hide my eero.
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  • Hey Marcin — thanks for chiming in and welcome to the eero community! We really appreciate the feedback and I'll be sure to pass along this thread the necessary teams. Thanks again!

  • I have an eero in my bedroom as well and it would be nice to be able to disable the white status light.
  • I agree, this is a needed feature. The light on the unit is great, but super bright particularly if it's in a bedroom. I've placed white duct tape over the light for the time being until the feature is rolled out.
  • Agree on status light disabling for normal operation, with indicator lights for signaling an issue. 


    Cases where this would be useful:

    • Bedroom/nursery (mentioned)
    • Placement near a TV (especially in a dim/dark room)
    • Placement in an office or gaming room (again, especially in a dim/dark setting)
  • +1. An option to turn off the ok white light and only show eeros would be great. It's to bright for my Bedroom.

  • I'm all for it!

  • Using electrical tape to cover mine in the bedroom.   Would definitely be nice to have a more elegant on-board solution.

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  • My vote would be to be able turn off the various indicators as needed. So during normal operation, I would disable the power led and only allow the red to turn on. During troubleshooting I would then place the white light back in the allowed column for the duration of that process. 

  • I like where this is going. As mentioned before, its not something only for sleeping time; also when watching TV on a very dark room, a bright light could interfere with the experience.  And this is an equipment to be located close to a TV.  There might be more uses for the lights off feature.

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  • I use this in the bedroom and the light is really disruptive. Please enable the ability to dim or turn off the light. 

  • Agree. Sonos style. I had to remove the device from my bedroom it was so bright. 



  • BRAVO. I love the features listed.

    Jeff C. will the first two bullet points be possible through the app, or are they Echo only?

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  • jalvani thrilled to hear you love what you are hearing!

    In an upcoming release, from the app you will be able to see which eero a device is connected to. This will allow you to at least know where the device could be located. As for pausing the Internet, this feature is already available in the app through Family Profiles. However, voice commands for pausing for events like dinner time or family moments can only be done through Amazon Alexa.

  • Jeff C. this is great. thanks for listening to the community and our ideas. it's great to see how quickly this idea turned into reality. kudos to the team for being customer focused.

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  • Jeff C. 


    So far I've found that the key when using Alexa is to make sure and state "Alexa, ask eero...." If you don't put the "ask eero" in there, she won't know what to do. Once I made sure to say "Alexa, ask eero to find my iMac" she told me which eero it was connected to no problem.

  • Yep! The Alexa command will be "[ask/tell] eero...".  Simply say eero will not trigger Alexa to use one of the eero skills.

    Just to avoid confusion here, the Alexa skillset is currently in beta. We hope to have more news shortly on a definitive release day. As soon as it is live, we will get a topic started in the community to gather more feedback on any issues or desired skills for future use!



  • Hi Jeff - thanks for the info on the status light control.  Can you tell me where to find that in the app as I don't see it anywhere.  



  • Hi wbduval  —

    No problem, and thanks for reaching out!

    The update for LED light control will be available in an upcoming release. While we don't have a date to share, you can expect it sometime this week.

    Stay tuned!

  • Jeff C. - awesome - thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

  • Hi everyone! The ability to control the LED, as well as several of the announced new app features are now available in the latest app update (version 1.3.0) 🙃 Some features are still to be released in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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  • So, I have a question. If I turn off the led will it come on to show an error? Or is OFF === OFF

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      ^^ I'd like to know this too. I was caught out today when I plugged an eero6 w/light disabled into a new outlet. I wasn't sure if it was booting so spent a while trying to figure out if had power, and then when I was sure of that wasn't sure if it had connected to the gateway or not. Ideally the light would show boot progress then turn off, and if there are any errors (non-steady white) would also illuminate. These are anomalous conditions that should happen infrequently but are important to know about, even if during normal operation you want the light off, and so having the light show to alert you to something being wrong should not be an issue (yes, yes, I'm sure there are people out there who say "off is off" so it may need to be Yet Another Switch to have "LED on for boot and errors")

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