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Now that Crapcast is rolling out monthly data use caps around the country, it would be great to have an independent report from our network exactly what our usage is. Yes, Comcast will provide *their* view of what our usage is, but I don't trust them to get anything right, so I'd really like to have up/down totals independently measured by my router.

The real use case here is to use it to dispute bogus overage charges when Comcast totally f**es-up and overestimates my monthly usage - it's not a matter of if, but when with Comcast.

Bonus feature is to be able to set usage warning limits so my router will warn about impending overage before Comcast does.

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  • I like this idea and would also add that it would be great to also provide data limits on profiles like you have on cell phone data plans.  I have a family of 5 teenagers and two of them love their online gaming.  It would be great to be able to assign a maximum data limit in addition to viewing usage.

  • I really like this idea as well. It could start simple; under device details, show the current utilization upload/download and also display usage over the past 30 days. That would be a great start. After that, you could get into more complex reporting. I'm suggesting this because it would be great to see the "data hogs" on your network. For example, exactly how much data has that Nest Camera uploaded in the past 30 days? How much bandwidth is it sucking right now?

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