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Every router that I've worked with has had a web UI. The fact that I can administer our eero network only through the mobile app is inconvenient and limiting. Additionally, my wife set up our eero but when I went to set up the eero app on my Android device, the setup procedure did not graciously take into account that the network is already tied to an app. The eero network needs to allow for more than one connected app.

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  • While i do understand not having a web UI has security benefits, recent destruction of my smartphone has left me unable to block/unblock devices my son uses. To turn on devices i was manually blocking, I had to install the app on his phone since no web UI. Now he can turn on his devices anytime, even family schedule devices, hence the wolf is guarding the hen house.  I will have to change the password when i get set up on new phone but would have been nice to gain control of my eero without having to set up the app on his phone. 

    • Hi, jyoung – Thanks for taking the time to share your concerns with us, and welcome to the Community. I definitely understand the inconvenience and limitation that comes from not having access to a smartphone for administering the eero app, so here a couple potential workarounds for you.

      First off, if you have an Android or iOS tablet, you can use the eero app on that device even without a phone, as long as you log in to the app via your email address. If that's not an option, and you have to use your son's phone for the time being, there's no need to remain logged in to the app – when you're finished making adjustments, you can go to the "Account" portion of the eero app to log out until the next time you need to access the app. 

      Past that, while I unfortunately have to confirm that we're not considering a web UI for the time being, we absolutely appreciate you taking the time to share your situation – hearing examples from users like yourself give us a lot of insight into ways we can continue to make eero better. Thanks again, and have a great day!

      Drew, eero Community Team

  • I think you should probably be praising eero for electing to not expose admin access through a web browser; because after all, any intelligent hacker will take control of your own devices to do their dirty work—and therefore if eero had elected to add an admin portal accessible through the browser, regardless of whether it required a direct ethernet connection or not like Orbi’s, then hackers could still easily take over your whole network without you even knowing it.

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