Can you use use the Eero-Gateway as DNS server? Works intermediately? (Eero Plus)


I am using Eero-Plus and know everything DNS wise is transparently redirected to Zscaler services.

So instead of using any ISP or custom DNS, I just want to point my DHCP clients and other clients on my network to the Eero gateway (in my case As any other value would be ambiguities and confusing (my opinion), as zscaler will be used in any case.

I switched all eero-plus features off, added as "custom dns server" the IP of the Eero-gateway (, and re-enabled all Eero-plus services.

And it seems to work. DNS is used directly. But from time to time, the Eero DNS service seems to quit and fails to answer on the gateway-address (servfails as results). However, the transparent-DNS feature still works (doing a dig or nslookup to a fake IPv4 address DNS server provides answers via zscaler).

After restarting the Eero network, everything works again.

My question is if this setup is supported or not, and I am maybe doing something that is not intended. If it should work, and is supported, I will file a bug or feature request to have DHCP hand-out the IP of the eero-gateway as DNS server as a supported feature.



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  • Seems after the update yesterday to version 3.8.1-9 that DNS is now stable and I didn't see above issue popup at all (always appeared to happen within a couple of hours). I keep an eye on it.

  • I have the same issue i guess 8 months after you reported it. I also have the eero plus. It will work for awhile and just randomly crap out. Changing my DNS to another dns like cloudflare or google dns will fix the issue or of course i can reboot the eero which will also fix it. The first time it happened i had a heck of a problem figuring out what happened. I have just decided just to use an external dns server because, as you have said, zscaler transparently eats it anyways and i don't want to have to deal with this every week or so which is about the frequency i'm seeing it now

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