Intercept & forward DNS queries w/o Eero Secure (for Pi-Hole users)

First, let me say I think Eero secure is great and for 95% of customers is an awesome solution to help hide ads and block malware. One feature that I really like about Eero secure is that it will intercept ALL outbound DNS requests and then use the encrypted and curated DNS service they partner with. This means devices on the network that are configured for public DNS servers get the benefit of encryption and curation, without needing to be changed.

But, for those of us that want more DNS control, we could be running a Pi-Hole instance possibly coupled with DNSCrypt. While we can easily configure Eero to have DHCP clients point to our internal Pi-hole address, 'rogue' requests to other DNS servers are NOT intercepted and routed to pi-hole. This means DNS 'leaks' could occur (unlike with Eero secure).

My feature request for the Eero engineers is this: Under Eero labs add a feature called something like "DNS Redirection" that we can toggle on/off and then configure specific IP(s) that Eero will send 'rogue' DNS requests too. This would have the effect of re-routing rogue requests to Pi-hole to be filtered, just like Eero secure would do with its own DNS server. Or, put the option on the "DNS" configuration page where you can set a custom DNS server. Alternatively, don't even make it a GUI option and just force all DNS queries to use the custom DNS IP(s) when that is configured.

I realize this would not be a widely used option, but for those of us advanced geeks, it would be a GREAT addition. Since the DNS intercept logic already exists in Eero via Eero secure, it doesn't seem to be to be a big development effort to enable this when a 'custom' DNS server is configured.

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  • This would be an excellent extra setting or feature. Right now, without setting up a different router and using my eero system as an AP, I have no way of forcing hard coded DNS requests to be sent to my local DNS running with Pi-Hole.

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