Edge swipe to go back in iOS app

Really wish that eero adhered to the iOS app development guidelines in regards to navigation within the app. Having to reach up to the top left for the "close" button is inconvenient and difficult on larger phones. Please consider changing this so that a swipe from left to right will go back to the main screen (and when on the main screen, will open the hamburger menu).

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    • zubinanary
    • 5 yrs ago
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    Apple provides a framework for this.


    I think the problem with the eero app is that they use Modal view controllers extensively, for which I don't think the framework above won't work.  

    When you're on their main screen, when you tap on anything (with the exception of the hamburger menu, you'll notice that the view scrolls up which is in most cases a model view, so your edge swipe won't work.

    They do have other views that are part of their navigation hierarchy (ie, their reassign to profile), for which they can implement the above framework very easily.  

    If you see a view that has a back button in the upper left, then it's very possible for them to do this.  If you see a "X" or "close" then it's more than likely a model view and it can't be done.

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