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It would be great to peruse the logs for each of the Eero routers. One way would be to allow for it to be exported (e.g.SMTP) that can be captured by a Mac or PC. Depending on how much NVRAM is free on each eero, you could also keep a ring buffer of as much of the recent log as possible and display that on a per device basis in the app.

I know that a consumer product is not the same as an enterprise product, but with the acceleration of smart homes (which is why a mesh network is essential), homes are starting to look like small offices with 50+ connections. I am told that Eeros can support up to 128 connections. Pretty soon, that won't be enough as IOT ramps up.

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    Hey  PhoenixRevived —

    Thanks for this additional feature request! I'll be happy to share this interest with our team.

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    I'll second this one...reading logs is one way to see details about odd home and WAN network happenings that you want to understand. This isn't a user asking for more control of the eero mesh, just asking for the ability to do more useful monitoring to understand what's happening on my local network and what's coming in from the WAN.

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