How to force parental controls with MAC address changes?

Anyone know if they have fixed the MAC address problem and forcing a default profile yet?  Last time I used this product, IOS and Android negated all the parental controls (rolling mac addresses).  A simple "deny all" without a profile would fix this. 

The marketing on this product is heavy on "Parental Controls", but when IOS and Android easily get around the filters with their default settings I feel the marketing is misleading. 

I want to give my kids and their friends access to wifi, but I want to filter some of the nonsense.  Anyone have a solution that works? 

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  • Hello,

    Currently there is not a way to do this with the eero system. However, having a profile that all new devices are assigned to as they connect to the network is a good idea. If you have time, and are willing, please email this to support@eero.com as a feature request and we will get this escalated for review and consideration.

    Thank you,


    eero Support

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      James Is this implemented?  Can I restrict the times the default devices have access on the wifi?  Is there any other option as my son's laptop keeps showing up with a different mac address on the network and it then bypasses the time restrictions for wifi.  Shouldn't it come in with the same assignment is the device name is the same but the MAC has changed?

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  • Hey James.  Thanks for the note.  I did go down that road a few months back.  I was hoping something had changed by now.  It seems like a pretty big flaw to me. 

    I am still searching for a good solution.  I liked everything about the product, but if IOS & Android default configurations defeat the protections your device provides...its not much more than just another mesh device.  Sorry man.  I will check back in a few more months. 

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  • For Apple mobile devices, you can install a service like Netsanity which will force all traffic through their service and prevent configuration.



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