Ability to Pause WiFi 5g band

Every time I want to add an IoT device, such as a thermostat, to my network i run into tons of trouble, because invariably I have to use an app on my phone to add and configure it and they are always on the 2.4g network and my phone is on the 5g so it fails. I have sometime succeeded by leaving the house and once far enough away my phone drops to 2.4g and yelling back and forth with my wife manage to get through the setup. What a PITA! If only there was a button in the Eero App to pause, i.e. temporarily disable, the 5g band on my entire network for something like an hour so I can get through everything before it automatically comes back on.

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    • Bigash
    • 3 yrs ago
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    This is the biggest pain in the ass.  I am about to return it because of this. Your support team can disable 5g. Why can you not add it to the app. Please do this. I had to turn on an old router to connect devices to because of this. Please fix it. 

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