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I've already submitted a ticket to resolve but wanted to see who else is having issues.  I need to port forward my DVR which is no problem and have done many times before.  I have the IP address and the ports I need to forward.  The problem I'm having is 1) eero doesn't see my DVR at all which means I must do the port forwarding manual, 2) to add port forwarding, in addition to the IP address, you also need the MAC address.   There is no MAC address on my DVR system whatsoever.  I've logged in and checked the network settings and there is nothing.  How are you getting around this issue(s)?

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  • If eero doesn’t see your DVR then your DVR isn’t connected to your eero network. I’m guessing it’s connected directly to your ISP’s router/modem combo or something like that.

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  • Connected to eero directly and still can’t see.  Inside the network no issues.  Anything going outside is unavailable.  Worked just fine with my net gear nighthawk router.

    • davidro79 well if it’s directly connected to the eero, then eero is giving it an IP address and it will be listed in the app as one of your devices. It won’t necessarily be called something like “DVR” but it’s one of the devices listed. You could try looking at your list of “recently online” so you know what’s there, then unplug the DVR from the network and wait a few minutes and see what shows up on the “recently connected”. Whatever device shows up there would be your DVR.

  • Tried that and nothing.  Will try again tonight.

  • Having the same issue, very annoying.  Did you find a fix for why the eero is not listing every IP on your network for port forward configuration?

    Just a guess, but I'm going to test it out.  If you could ssh into your DVR (or missing device), and initiate a ping outbound beyond your gateway, the eero router may become aware of it.  

  • I'm interested in how this is resolved.  My Xbox did not play nice with eero in port forwarding mode so I finally gave up and connected it directly to the modem.  Same with uverse TV.

    Is there any chance you can look at the administration page of your telco modem router and see what devices are registering?  You may be able to find your MAC address that way.

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