Accessing EERO Router via PC Web Browser?

I've seen many articles that state you can connect to the EERO router in your home through a web browser.  I've done this for decades with previous routers.  My network was set up with the router being  When I enter that address in the Firefox Browser I get a message that says this client isn't allowed access.  I can't figure out how to allow that.  Right now I have to control the network via my iPhone app.  I'd rather use my PC - Windows 7.  Matt  See attachment picture for error message.

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  • Hello,

    There is no webGUI function with eeros. With traditional routers you would be able to access their webGUI using this method, but with eero all of the settings are handled through the app on your iPhone or Android. 

    Thank you,

    James Wilcox

    eero Support

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      James When I first got my Eeros, I could access the main router through a web browser, but lately I can't.  I want to see the logs to investigate a problem with the Macs in my house dropping their connections.  Please restore browser access to the router admin interface for those of us who know what we are doing -- it's patronizing to block people from accessing their own equipment.  Thanks!

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  • That stinks, especially since support can log in directly with my account email and location.

    Also I found that the app is way slower responding compared to the web liks that support person accesses.

    Slowly becoming disillusioned by the whole Eero experience. I had to negotiate with support (Tier 1) person to get them to agree to what I wanted all along - bridged mode.

    Was advised previously to use what I considered a precarious move - using split IP's in my home network. That is until the two "slave" Eero's became disconnected  from the main gateway unit. 

    Life with 3 Eero's in badged mode is far better and now looks like I should have done this before. Bad advice and stupid for me to have believed it. 

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  • What about those of us who don't have a cell phone? How do I access the settings from my pc?

    • rreed55 doesn't look like it's in the cards. You may have bought the wrong device(s). 

  • It is clearly described in the documentation that a app on your smart phone or tablet is required. The only good news is that the connection and settings on the Eero Pro 6 is very stable once set the way it works best (which for me was to bridge it to use my main router to handle IP's). All the Eero needs to worry about is handling the meshing of all WiFi users and the ghost connections between each of the slaved WAP units. I enclose a spectrum pic saved from WiFiExplorer.

  • Yes, NOT a fan of no WebGUI here either.

    I've had to call support twice to make simple changes to my system because the App did not work to save these changes, However, once Support makes the changes it does save. It did seems to work for adding static IP addresses though.

    The other issue, I had with the last call, attempting to setup a custom DNS, the Tech. only had access the IPv4 address - no IPv6 addresses. I have access to IPv6 addresses in the app, but it won't save after making changes. Also, no matter what email I try to use in the App, it tells me that it is not a valid email address.

    On the brighter side, both Techs. that I spoke with today were great, and very friendly.

    I hope they can make the WebGUI available in the near future!

    • AgentEccks Don't know what's going on there, agent X or should I say "Eecks". Do you?

  • I was trying to demonstrate several issues with the Eero product, and with web GUI and with support. Whether that makes a difference or not to the company, dunno. It seems to work with my devices fairly well, however the convoluted steps to work as a full link as an Router is a problem, then there's recovery from loss of the provider when using as a router (that's what prompted me to turn it into bridge mode), also it's limiting GUI functionality with an app, fourthly, why do I have to depend on support to get stats on operation of the devices at all? I want all the stats in my Eero device to be available only to me not to be shared to a tech who can dial in at any time. What kind of privacy's that anyway? Lastly the lack of understanding and support in dealing with breakdowns in the system from a user perspective. Well those seem to be game changers for some folks. Me, I'm stuck with it but caveat emptor (E.G., YMMV). Gook luck! 

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