Ethernet cable question, please help.

Hello there. This might be a dumb question.... but here we go. I bought 3 pack eero from bestbuy and added two more. The main one is in the basement connected to my modem from spectrum. I have one eero next to the tv in the living room,  but yet the tv has difficulty and we experience alot of buffering when watching Hulu live. Can I connect an Ethernet cable to the eero next to the tv... with the tv to get better signal or that won't work. So really my question is can I connect ethernet cables to my secondary or third erro to devices to boost signal? And if it does help, what Ethernet cable do you recommend? 

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  • Hello,

    Yes. You can use the ethernet ports on any of your eeros to connect devices to your eero network. The only used port will be the one on your gateway eero that is connecting your eero to your modem.

    Thank you,

    James Wilcox

    eero Support 

  • I would expand on Mr. James’ reply.  Since the distance from the EERO to the TV  is apparently short, almost any ethernet cable should do.  If you are running a 4k TV, you may need a special high speed ethernet cable.   Just be aware that the buffering you are experiencing may be caused by the limitations of your internet service being provided by Spectrum.  

    Yes, your other devices may see a boost in speed if the devices are using older WiFi technology since the ethernet wired connection is likely faster than their WiFi capabilities. Also the “back haul” connection between the EERO units is very fast.

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