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I currently use Verizon and T-Mobile cellular home internet services. For these to work correctly using a secondary router, the router needs ipv6 passthrough/bridge mode to pass the ipv6 addressses to the secondary router. For example: with Verizon, I can run the gateway in ip passthrough mode and use it as a modem for my eero 6+ router. The problem is that even with ipv6 enabled, I can only get an ipv4 address using the eero. If I changed the eero from DHPC automatic to bridge mode, I can get both a ipv4 and ipv6 but I lose the router advantages and functionality provided by the eero. Other routers like ASUS have different ipv6 settings based off of your isp. One of them being ipv6 passthrough. I would really like to see this feature in future updates. I love the eero system but I’m missing out on being able to use ipv6 with my current isp. Thank you.

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    Eero needs to support ipv6 relay for this. But I don’t know if they’ve commented on this feature. Maybe they can comment and let us know if they plan to look into supporting this in the near-future…

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