MTU change or confirm/verify

E.g. T-Mobile 5G Gateway refer https://community.t-mobile.com/tv-home-internet-7/way-to-change-mtu-on-router-35132 - the MTU for connected WI-FI router will work best if set to 1420, whereas most such devices (including Eero???) default MTU is 1500.

Would love for all Eero routers to confirm or automatically change MTU as needed, or be able to be set by the Eero owner.

There should be maximum data efficiently if the Eero router will match the MTU of any gateway not just T-Mobile.

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    By matching the MTU size on the ISP side...throughput can be optimized...otherwise you're fragmenting all packets...in my case...I'm sure the MTU is set to 1500...but my optimal MTU is 1472...I need to be able to modify this setting or I guess I'll be shit canning EERO and finding another Mesh system that is capable of this simple tweak that should already be available to be modified.

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