Eero Pro 6 getting warm to hot

Hi, my few weeks old Eero Pro 6 is getting warm to hot above and below the surface. I have put a mesh under the router so the air can circulate as i do not want heat to be trapped under it, long term cannot be good for the electronic components inside. Is about 98 F on the top and 108 F on the bottom.
Is it normal to get warm to hot ? any experience with it appreciated. 

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  • Hello Chris8,

    eeros use heatsink technology and will get warmer depending on the traffic going through them. If you start to notice speed decreases or eero restarts it could be that the eeros are over heating and going through an automatic system to prevent the eeros from damaging themselves or creating dangers externally. I have included an article below that will go over placement guidelines for eeros. Take a look at it when you can. It could be that your eero is just in a place that is causing it to hold heat more than it should.


    Regardless, keep a close eye on the eero. Because if it is overheating we will want to get that replaced asap before it becomes a hazard and you may want to call our support line sooner rather than later so we can look and see if we are getting any overheating flags in the system.

    Thank you,


    eero Support

    • James 

      I will try to figure it out for more. Keep sharing such informative post keep suggesting such post.   


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply and the article. The router is in a cool place. I checked on general electronics and 108 F looks that electronics are able to handle and is within normal range. I have also noticed on all four sides there is scalloped/concave edge so there should be some air movement underneath the Eero for air to circulate, since there are no vents anywhere on the device. So I think we good on this. 

    Thanks for your input.

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