Ceiling Mount and POE adapter Eero Pro 6

Has anyone found a ceiling mount for the pro 6 or  POE adapter? If not, does anyone know if they are coming soon?  We had our new house wired for AP's, and I would love to be able to use the system the way we planned.

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  • Hello pinky75 ,

    Currently, eero has no plans to implement PoE for the eero 6 line of eeros. PoE does not provide enough power for eero 6 units. You can review their power requirements on the link below.


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      • pinky75
      • pinky75
      • 4 mths ago
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      James - thanks for the info. It's super unfortunate this can't be figured out. At least now I know for sure we will have to change systems.

  • Yes, PoE doesn't have enough power for the eero Pro 6, not even enough for eero Pro,  BUT PoE+ does, and I have the eero Pro 6 working with using PoE+ injector and PoE+ splitter. Now eero please stop making excuses and make an official PoE+ Splitter, and also while you're at it a wall mount for them as the third party ones look just awful.

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    • thbrett Texas POE has saved my butt on more than one occasion! Just need a proper bracket.

      • thbrett
      • thbrett
      • 3 wk ago
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      Mike94ZLT1 What model? Because the ones I have seen online were only 25w and eero Pro 6 needs 30w according to the eero website and from what the eero techs have told me.

  • Any news about existing eero PoE adapters working with the new eeros? Maybe just a replacement cover could be purchased?



  • This is simply not true. We mainly use Ruckus for our networking needs, but also offer Eero pro to residential clients who do not want to spend "Ruckus money" for their home network. There are plenty of network switches that can provide 30-60W of power per channel, as well as 60W POE injectors. I would use Eero more if the Pro6 model with a POE bracket was an option.

    I do not like using Eero's wirelessly if I can avoid it. We use a separate router and either a powerful POE switch, or injectors and hard wire all of our Eero's using this POE bracket. We then put them in bridge mode and let the separate router handle DHCP, and it works amazingly well.

    • Mike94ZLT1  Can you share what router you use? Putting the Eero's in bridge mode loses the app's secure and profile functionality, so what do you have clients use for parental controls and security? Does the main router handle? What brand is the POE switch you use? Do you only use the pros or have you hardwired Pro 6s? 

      Thank you for anything you can share.  

  • I use the eero Pro 6 connected to a switch as the router, I don't use bridge mode unless absolutely no other way.

    • thbrett That is what I currently do, but I have an install coming where if I could put an Eero pro 6 on the ceiling on both ends of the remodel, hard-wired and powered by POE, that would be great but seems unlikely to gain official Eero support anytime soon.  I may try to catch the electrician and see if he will add two outlets, and I'll figure out the bracket later. 

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