Ability to connect via FTP to server being eero network

My parents have cameras installed at their home and I'd like to be able to upload the video's it takes to my ftp server that sits being a eero network.

One you the erro support people told me today that eero does not support ftp so I can't connect to my ftp server from outside the network. Can ftp please be added in as a priority as it's a security risk for my parents.

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    • cmarinas
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    Isn't this just a matter of forwarding port 21 to your local FTP server? Your parent's cameras would be configured to use your public IP address as the FTP server.

    Now, there are some security implications with opening this port to the world (and there are lots of scanners out there probing your IP). If the cameras support SFTP or FTPS, better to use these.

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