Add a link to the Q&A for disabling Spanning Tree on Managed Switches

Per https://www.reddit.com/r/eero/comments/9f0oy8/managed_switches_eero_bad_news/e5t5xmb/ disabling spanning tree/RSTP on Managed switches seems to eliminate many of the issues associated with eero networks and managed switches. Had to find this information in a reddit as there was no good source on this info on Eero support site.

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  • I will echo this request. Specifically, it needs to be in eero's documentation for "Can I connect wired devices to my network using an Ethernet switch?" A good start is eero's /u/6roybatty6 post in the reddit eero forum 3 years ago: "Turn off spanning tree entirely. Spanning tree is fundamentally incompatible with mesh networks". See https://www.reddit.com/r/eero/comments/9f0oy8/managed_switches_eero_bad_news/e5t5xmb/

    Loopback detection must also be disabled on smart switches.

    And TP-Link's "QoS and IGMP Snooping" must be disabled on their TL-SG105 unmanaged switch.  Their TL-SG108 unmanaged switch is incompatible with eero because the feature cannot be disabled (at least as of this writing).

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  • Another vote from me to improve the official documentation on this matter.

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  • ^^ a little frustrating that some of the only guidance from eero is “use an unmanaged switch” when it’s not actually that simple. 

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