Does your Eero 6 show 0 Ad Blocks, Content Filters and Threat Blocks

When I first got my Eero 6 with TT (which includes the security option) the Activity tab always showed numbers in the 100’s or 1000’s for Ad Blocks, Content Filters and Threat Blocks.  Then in December 2022 they all went to zero.  A lot of discussion and fixes have been tried with TT and Eero Support, but still no movement on these figures.  Eero Support say the device is scanning and working fine but I find that hard to believe as surely if it was working properly, it would trap more than Zero alerts. (other than an odd 10 Ad Blocks on 15th March)


So my question is to other users, does your Eero 6 also show 0  Ad Blocks, Content Filters and Threat Blocks?


(just to add, I have done multiple Hard Resets, reinstalled app, tried a different Eero, and my profiles have a lot locked down.)

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  • Yes, that is the situation I am noticing. The number of ads is lower and lower. I am going to try turning off ad blocking for a few hours and then re-enable it. It was working so well, and then it seemed to just have STOPPED. 

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      mhansel739 Glad to hear it's not just me.  The ticket I have opened with Eero was going nowhere for a while, but with Gambling disabled in the profile, I explained that I wasn't being blocked, so the ticket has now been escalated to the next level.  I will of course update this topic as things progress

  • I am through to the next level of support, and so far very satisfied with the level of support.  We have tried a later unreleased version of the firmware, and doing a number of tests, but still not resolved, but I have confidence the problem will be found.  I can confirm that ad's are being blocked, but not showing under stats.  Gaming websites are not being blocked, even though it's setup to do so.  Will update when I have more useful news.

    • gadgetman This is good news. Please keep us posted as I have had to resort to AdBlock (an add-in to Chrome and Edge). 

  • No Solution yet, although we are still gathering diagnostics.  However it has come to light that because Eero uses DNS for its security, then it's security will effectively be bypassed for anyone using Safari on an Apple device that also has the iCloud+ setting of "Private Relay" enabled

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