Activity Data Usage Report Inaccurate for Mesh Eeros

I'm running about 1TB of total data a month, usually a little less.  My Data Usage activity report shows way too much data on my secondary Eeros (i.e, not the primary hard-wired primary Eero wired to the modem) and not a breakdown of data for devices connected to them; a lot of those devices are on the guest network.  The data usage is consistent from a high-level monthly reporting to what my ISP is showing (off by about 8%), but it shows the secondary Eeros using up to 50% of the data.  When I drill down into them, it doesn't show the connected devices.  If I tally up all of the other devices it gets back to the 50% of the total data.   Do people have advice on how to get better and more accurate data activity usage out of the Eero dashboards?  The Eero help desk hasn't helped, I've asked for escalation, but no answer yet.  

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    • Douglasferguson
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    It seems that the issue you're facing with the Eero data usage reporting is a common one. Here are a few suggestions you can try to resolve this issue:

    1. Verify that the firmware on your Eeros is up to date. Sometimes firmware updates can address issues with data usage reporting.

    2. Consider using a third-party network monitoring tool that provides more detailed data usage reporting. For example, there are several popular network monitoring tools such as NetFlow Analyzer, PRTG Network Monitor, and SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor.

    3. If you have multiple Eeros in your network, try disabling some of them and see if the data usage reporting improves.

    4. If you're still not getting accurate data usage reporting, you may need to contact Eero support for further assistance.

    If none of these suggestions resolve the issue, you could try reaching out to Eero support again and asking to escalate the issue if necessary. They may be able to provide more specific guidance or troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue. MyAccountAccess Elan

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    Wi-Fi router companies claim they don't track the websites you visit. But all of them collect and share some user data.

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    • Maind1985
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    The activity data usage report for mesh Eeros is inaccurate, meaning that the reported data usage is not reflective of actual usage. This issue may be due to the way the Eeros handle data traffic within the mesh network.  CheckMyRota App

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