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I have FIOS and am at a loss. We have had three eero pro 6s in our 3000 sq ft home for a year. The network speed is now pretty crappy like 100 / 50 up. It isn't just a speedtest issue as web pages fail to load. If I plug a laptop directly into the fios ONT I get blazing fast 980 / 980. I have physically reset all three eeros and created a new network to no avail.

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  • Try swapping your eero that’s connected to your ONT with one of the other eeros and see if that fixes the issue. If that doesn’t fix it, try a different Ethernet cable from the ONT to the eero (make sure it’s either Cat5e or Cat6)

    • Hi adam

      These first steps are the way to go.  cMoo92 is on the right track, as usual.  Using the ethernet cable your Laptop used is a good idea (we know that cable transfers those speeds).

      If a different eero works up to speed (check the speed the eero is getting in eero app->Activity->Fastest Download for a list of recent speed tests and a button to run another, you also want to go ONT->eero->laptop (hardwire the laptop to the other port on the eero) and test speeds) put the original one back, if it goes back to slow that eero is the problem, call support.

      If multiple eero are going slow I would contact the ISP to see if they are doing anything funky on their end.  It is highly unlikely you will have multiple defective eero.

      • adam
      • adam
      • 2 mths ago
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      Michael_eero_support cMoo92 Thank you both for your help. I swapped eeros and I swapped cables. I'm getting the same slow speeds. The speed test on the eero is consistently good at 930 down / 941 up. The speedtest.net speeds are abysmal and websites intermittently fail to load. I haven't changed anything so I wonder if there is interference or something else going on? I'm so frustrated I want to buy some new eeros just to test a swap.

    • adam Try adjusting DNS and see if that has any effect.

      Go to eero app->Settings->Network Settings->DNS

      Move the dot to Custom (if you can't modify it go to eero app->Discover->eero Plus and disable all options (reenable them after we fix the speed issue).

      Put in the following values:

      IPv4 Primary:

      IPv4 Secondary:

      IPv6 leave blank and click Save, the network will reboot.


      Also, don't rely on just speedtest tests, also try a large download from Steam or other source to see what speeds are getting put out.

      • adam
      • adam
      • 2 mths ago
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      Michael_eero_support I switched to Google DNS and still having a bad user experience on the top floor with websites slow / failing to load. I'm getting under 50mbps on that floor and again we have gig fios and 1 eero per floor (first floor / second floor / basement in our home). I wonder what is happening as the system has been in place since may 2021 and has been poor only in last few months. I ordered some new eero pro 6Es to compare and see if it is a hardware issue. Any other ideas? 

    • adam For 3000 sq ft 3 eero is likely overkill, especially if one of them is a Pro 6E, that model covers 2000 sq ft by itself.  You can have too many eero.  You might experiment with just two eero, with different placements. 

      Also, when testing, make sure to go to the eero app and make sure the testing device is wirelessly connecting to the eero you are wanting to test.  Devices do not always roam when we want them to, especially in oversaturated environments.  If the device is not on the closest eero turning wifi off and then back on usually does the trick.

  • Thank you, Michael. I currrently have eero pro 6s but ordered the 6Es to test to see if there was a hardware failure. Is there a way for you all to login to my current setup and see signal levels and tell if there is too much saturation and 1 of the three should be removed and can you tell anything on placement?

    • adam We would not be able to pull any useful/reliable data like that. Wireless interference and strengths are too unpredictable (since so many things can affect it).  Trial and error is the way to go.

      My usual recommendation is to unplug all eero but the gateway and then see what kind of range and speeds you get from it.  When things start to drop off try putting an eero around there.

  • If your FIOS speeds are fast when plugged directly into the ONT but slow when using your eero mesh network, there may be issues with your eero setup or placement. Try moving your eeros around to different locations in your home to see if that improves the speed. You could also try checking for firmware updates for your eeros and making sure they're all connected to each other and your devices properly. If the issue persists, you may need to contact eero support or consider replacing your eeros.

  • I tried removing an eero from my network and speeds have improved. It seems I had too many eeros for the size of my home. What is the best guidance from the forum on where to place the one eero in my house that I can move around? I now have two eeros total and can't move the one next to the ONT.

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