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So I have a Tplink and want to swap out to my new EERO router. When I put the same SSID and Network password into my EERO none of my devices find my new router. I have done this before with Linksys and Netgear never a issue using same network and pass my devices always find the new router. But does not work with my EERO at all . Any suggestions ? I dont want to setup 37 new devices .

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    Hi Davemanfl I would go back to the eero app and make sure you got the Network name and password exactly correct.  Be sure to check for preceding or trailing spaces, I've had that throw a wrench in the gears before.

    Also, go to the upstream device and make sure to change the wifi name it is broadcasting.  If you have two devices broadcasting the same network name your devices cannot tell the difference between the two.

    If none of that works try changing the eero's name to something different (just adding " eero" to the end would work) and see if the devices are able to detect it on a different name.

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