Strange IP address assignments

Devices on my eero network have IP addresses that end strangely (to me). 
All devices share the 192.168. preamble, for example, 192.168.X.yy. But the final character in the address, X,  (separate from the device addresses yy) vary: e.g., 4, 5, and 6. I'm used to the X character being the same within the network. Is that correct?

Do I have a problem?

Any advice?

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  • Hi RWZPHUD This is perfectly normal with eero.  With the addition of so many IoT devices eero decided to use a larger subnet than was used to be the norm.  Previously most networks were limited to around 240ish devices/IP addresses (from for example).  eero, some years back, made its default into a larger one ( through  Those devices should all be able to talk to each other.

    If you find a device that isn't talking to another device on the network try disconnecting and forgetting the network on that device and then reconnecting.  The device might have an old subnet mask in from a previous network/settings and forgetting/reconnecting should get the eero's subnet mask in there.

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      • RWZPHUD
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  • Thanks. Any way to use this flexibility to segregate the IOT devices from my home network?

    • RWZPHUD There is not.  Everything on the eero main network will be able to talk to other devices on the eero main network.  You can use the Guest network.  Items on the guest network only get internet access, they are not able to talk to other devices on the network, guest or otherwise.

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      Michael_eero_support Does that mean that devices from the same system, e.g., garage door controllers, can't communicate with their controlling apps?

    • RWZPHUD If you have either of those devices on the guest network (or both) that is correct, they would not be able to talk to each other across the network.  In order for device to device connections to work they would need to be on the main network.

      Now, if the device reports to a cloud server, and the other device gets its data from the cloud server, that is fine, both devices just need internet access for that.

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