Sharing devices (such as a printer) between guest and regular WiFi

Understand how the current isolation works and is great. However in some cases having guests access to certain devices (such as a network printer) would be awesome. Of course I imagine the user selects which device to expose between the two WiFi networks and this could also be on some sliding scale of time.


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  • Perhaps an implementation could be creating a 1:1 NAT between the guest network an a shared device on the non-guest network? IDK. I'm spitballing. 

  • Hey  bahree

    Welcome to the eero community and thanks for this feature request.

    I'm happy to share it with the team. Since the guest network is completely separate from the main SSID, meaning it only has internet access, it wouldn't be possible to share devices between the two at this time. 

    There are some workarounds for printers, however. Have you looked at Google Cloud Print

  • Jeff C. I have, and sure there are workaround and of course much of this is first-world problems. But having some option to have a shared set of devices between otherwise isolated network would not only be pretty sweet, but a huge differentiator in the market.

    Of course fix the issue discussed at [1] first and then at some point get to this. :)

    Keep up the awesome work! Thanks.


    [1] - https://www.reddit.com/r/eero/comments/5xdsgt/message_to_eero_wifi_internet/?st=izuskm62&sh=e47a0d48

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  • +1!

  • Google Wi-FI implemented this feature well. It's one of the things I overlooked when switching to eero.

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  • +1 to this, even if it was only an option initially for any wired devices on the network.  We have an HD Homerun box that would be great to be able to expose to our houseguests on the guest network.

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  • I am using a Google Wifi product that already implements this feature and is very important for me. On my other network I add all of my IOT devices to the guest network and then allow those devices to access my local home-control server. 


    allowing us to create separate VLANs with some firewall rules could accomplish the same thing. 


    Either way, I'm looking into returning my eeros now to get more Google Wifi because it has the feature Eero lacks. 

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  • Any update on this? 

    I just joined Eero and I am a bit disappointed that I cannot share any of my devices on the guest network.

    At first I thought it was just my Sonos network that was acting weird, then realized my Airplay devices were not showing up either. Until I realized Eero's guest network is just not configurable. 

    I came across this topic as well. It seems that both could be solved by implementing sharable devices/protocols (which could be an opt-in feature).


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      • jennifer
      • jennifer
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      covfefe I'm on hold with eero tech support right now.  I get cut off regularly after 15 minutes but I'm hopeful I will get through.  Last time I tried to add the printer to my guest network (an airbnb suite) was about two months ago and I was stymied at every turn and called support on a weekend.  I got a guy who sounded like he was in Amsterdam after a long night out and he told me 'is not possible.' and that was that.  I didn't really believe him and I'm thinking there must be a way ... I mean come on.  RIGHT?  Or else just forget the guest-specific network and password and just open them up to all your stuff.  Bleh.  

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      • covfefe
      • covfefe
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      jennifer I’m with you. 
      I see the appeal of having a 100% isolated & protected guest network. 
      But just give us the option! One size doesn’t fit all. 
      There are plenty of people that want a different kind of secondary network. Sharing a printer is one of the classic examples among many others. 

      I am responsible for our IT budget at work. I love the stability of the eeros I have at home but without being able to allow guests access to our Airplay devices or printers it feels like we’re back in 1999

      I know cMoo92 is often active on Reddit to help. Do you follow these topics as well?

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