Option to Disable 2.4ghz band.  Force all Wifi communication over 5ghz.

Option to Disable 2.4ghz band.  Force all Wifi communication over 5ghz.

I live in a very dense condominium building with 4 floors, many units over a city block.  eero is great because you can have multiple access points (I use 2) to communicate on each floor of my condo.  

In reality, DISTANCE is not an issue.  Just having the strongest 5ghz signal that doesn't need to travel far.

I'd like the ability to force disable 2.4ghz band.  All the devices in my home can connect over 5ghz.  Range is not an issue now that I have eero.  I don't want a device to accidentally connect over 2.4ghz where there is so much interference in a building such as mine.

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  • Hello Folks.  Please revisit the ability to do the following, because as a customer with a wide array of smart home devices deployed on his network, for the purposes of configuring various devices *at all*, I need the ability to blanket disable 5 GHz, at least temporarily - as some smart devices, like the ambient weather 2902 station, cannot connect to 5GHz at all and thus my phone cannot be set ‘automatically’ to be on 5 GHz during this configuration process.  Likewise, certain building materials greatly inhibit 5 GHz, such as metal roofing.   Thus 5 GHz is sub-optimal in certain buildings.

    Please treat this as an urgent use case and prioritize accordingly.



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  • I am also having the same issue with the Eero pro I just purchased.

    I need to have control over this especially when my devices are constantly switching between 2.5 and 5 GHz. Is it normal to lose connection when this happens? I feel like when I'm working from home and moving around the house my VPN drops going from 5 to 2.5 GHz.

    Please fix this Eero. We should have the ability to chose which device belongs on which netowrk.



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  • This is the basic of WiFi AP feature. I need to be able to disable 2.4GHz. Actually I need a more detailed approach to the configuration settings. It is good that Eero target users that are not technology savvy, but they also need to offer more configuration details for the technology literate. I just received my 3 eero and so far I am not really happy that I have no idea what is the full configuration. I am concern that when I will encounter a problem I will have no idea where to start troubleshooting, beside pushing the troubleshooting button.

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  • Having the same problems - in busy urban places, the problem is interference on 2.4 Ghz not device instability @drew  from Eero. I'm wasting tonnes of time now waiting for my devices to catch up, and expected a more advanced setting. I previously had an extender which would worked on 5 Ghz alone and I replaced with eero to avoid 1 dead spot. Now everywhere is so slow, the whole house is a dead spot...MESH is great, but you need to allow band selection, please now, before I have to ditch you.

  • @jeff_c I just purchased the Eero Pro 3 pack and I thought damn, this is perfect.  Then I went to separate my SSID into a 2.4GHz network and a 5Ghz network and discovered this thread.  This makes me sad that I'm going to have to return these.

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    • Hi mstorman - Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I am sorry to hear that things aren't working as you expected. I would encourage you to email us at support@eero.com with my name and the Subject Line "Community Followup" so I can track it down more quickly. I am more than happy to investigate this in more detail.

      Once again, thank you for bringing this to our attention and for joining our Community! I look forward to hearing from you soon.


      Evan, eero Community

    • mstorman you're a smarter man than me!

  • What is there to track down??? Your people already said that the option isn't going to be added. I'm currently shopping around for a better one now, and will be listing my eeros on eBay.

    • Johnsemik Sounds like the right choice for you.  It's well known that they won't violate the Wifi design standard and they've stated numerous times.

  • Ugh... in about 600 USD for the Eeros that I've purchased to cover 3 floors. As far as mesh networks go for people who have no clue as to what a network is and just want WiFi they are fine. I have an Eero hardwired into my modem which goes to a switch thats connected to my NAS, about 30 feet away i have another hardwired into my computer, transferring over the network is painfully slow I'm literally only able to reach around 24 megs/s that is not even 200 mbps just hot garbage, oh and they do get hot I've already had 2 of them go bad on me refusing to reset and out of warranty. So I have to ask myself why are the Eeros not able to be force switched to 5G even when they are so close together? Am I alone in feeling as if they aren't pushing out updates for these devices but instead are focused on aesthetic? I don't usually get buyers remorse but I've got it here stay away!

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      ShawnTaylor I'd be talking to eero support if I had your problems.

  • I'd like to be able to force 2.4g for setting up IoT devices with my phone because it doesn't work when the phone is on 5G and the device can only do 2.4g.

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