Option to Disable 2.4ghz band.  Force all Wifi communication over 5ghz.

Option to Disable 2.4ghz band.  Force all Wifi communication over 5ghz.

I live in a very dense condominium building with 4 floors, many units over a city block.  eero is great because you can have multiple access points (I use 2) to communicate on each floor of my condo.  

In reality, DISTANCE is not an issue.  Just having the strongest 5ghz signal that doesn't need to travel far.

I'd like the ability to force disable 2.4ghz band.  All the devices in my home can connect over 5ghz.  Range is not an issue now that I have eero.  I don't want a device to accidentally connect over 2.4ghz where there is so much interference in a building such as mine.

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  • Hi  catmandad

    Welcome to the eero community and thanks for your feature request!

    At this time, disabling (or separating) the 2.4 or 5 Ghz band isn't something we plan to do. However, we greatly appreciate you sharing your feedback and scenario, and I'll be happy to relay it to our team.

    In the meantime, if there is anything we can help with, please feel free to give us a call at 1-877-659-2347 or email us at support@eero.com . Our team will be happy to take a look at your network and provide any optimization tips.

  • What about allowing users to Force 5ghz on specific devices?

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  • Hi  windsurf555

    Thanks for chiming in! That feature is also currently Not Planned and can be found here.

  • Glad I stumbled upon your answer. Given that I have a much faster Internet connection then what the EERO is capable of over the 2.4 GHz connection  it seems to be forcing me to use and without any future plans to allow us to force the 5 GHz network I will be switching to a new device.  I can connect to my base router  in the same locations of my house at 5 GHz and get much faster (triple) speed than using the EERO product.  The product is easy to use and is likely very useful for the "typical" user.

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  • I am currently having issues with my Leviton Smart (HomeKit) switches.  I am having much better success with them connecting on 5Ghz.   I am having many disconnects from the HomeKit environment when they connect on the 2.4ghz network.   It's interesting, I can have a gang box of 4-5 switches and they will connect to the same access point, some on 2.4ghz and some on 5ghz.  The ones on 5ghz work consistently, while those on 2.4ghz can drop out.

  • I also have 1gig internet service and would like to switch the eero's into a 5GHz only mode to get as much bandwidth usage as possible. The 2.4 GHz network is too slow.

  • It would be good to have the ability to turn on/off 2.4 ghz and 5ghz mode as needed.  Occasionally I have have devices which only work in 2.4ghz mode (typically webcams). The only way I can get them to connect is if I disable 5ghz so they will connect in 2.4ghz mode.

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      • Jeff C.
      • eero Community Manager
      • Jeff_C
      • 2 yrs ago
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      jerryrs  Thanks for reaching out. 2.4-only devices should have no problem connecting to eero. If you haven't yet, please contact our support team so they can report the issue and we can take a look at what is happening here. Thanks!

      Feel free to give us a call at 1-877-659-2347 or email us at support@eero.com at your convenience.

  • That may be true for some but definitely not all 2.4ghz devices. I have several devices which explicitly say they can NOT connect to a device that is operating at both 2.4ghz and 5ghz concurrently. They state that you first disable the 5ghz until it successfully connects at 2.4ghz then you can re-enable the 5ghz connection. I have experienced this with both wificams and also smart outlets. Regardless I still tried to connect them to my eero network and was unsuccessful.

    What I end up having to do is connect to a separate 2.4ghz wireless connection on my AT&T gateway so I can take these devices which is pretty annoying as I'd like to hook all my devices up to the eero network.

  • I took back my google wifi because of this very request. I understand having to make config easy, but there should be an option for advanced users to change settings like this. I was just about to purchase this product and will now look at something else. I don't want to use 2.4 radio at all. I planned to wire backhaul all APs which would provide good 5g coverage over my whole house. The issue is most devices today will choose whatever radio is providing the strongest signal. In most cases the 2.4 radio will win. Even though the 5g radio with a weaker signal will still provide much faster speeds than the 2.4 radio. If this product ever had the ability to run in 5g only, I will consider it.

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  • I agree with these comments, this isn't a feature for me but a requirement.  The only reason I bought this was to have a strong 5Ghz network throughout my whole house.  I am backhauling over ethernet and have 1Gbps fiber internet.  So it should be very clear why 5Ghz is a must and 2.4Ghz is basically crap because it can't even support 10% of my throughput with so many other competing radios in the neighborhood.  Please advise if there is something support can do to resolve this or if I should return this and buy a couple of Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC HD's?

  • I agree with these comments.  My MacBook keeps connecting to the 2.4 ghz network and I have to restart it to hop on to 5 ghz. I'm going to return the product and try Linksys Velop, which provides the ability to have two networks. So frustrating to have Verizon gigabit service then run a speed check to see you're getting 80 down, then launch the Eero app to see your laptop is on the slow 2.4 network. Really horrible.

  • I have a tablet that gets over 100Mbps when connected to 5GHz., but the eero wants it to use 2.4GHz. where it gets a maximum of about 45Mbps. The eero has put it on 5GHz. once or twice, and the speed is much better. There is apparently nothing that I can do about this, but it would be nice if I could provide a hint for the eero for situations like this.

    By the way, I'm coming from an Orbi that always put this tablet on the 5GHz. network...

  • Well, here I am again. Turns out that one of our desktops, capable of full use of our 180Mbps download speed gets put on the 2.4GHz. network where it gets about 25Mbps. If anything would get me to dump my nearly trouble free eero's, this sort of thing is it. It takes quite a while to download large files at 25Mbps, as opposed to 7 times faster with 180Mbps. My inclination is to just let eero do what it wants to do, but this one is a little hard to live with. Again, the Netgear Orbi put this desktop on 5GHz. It doesn't really matter to me why eero does this, I just want to get the desktop on 5GHz. instead of 2.4GHz. band.

    Even though the Orbi was a pain because of lame firmware, it seemed to have a better idea about getting the most out of my clients. I may go back to the Orbi, if the eero doesn't figure these things out at some point.

  • It should be a simple matter to allow users to switch on or off a particular band. The Ambient Weather Stations require REQUIRE you to disable the 5GHz mode on the eero if you are going to use its network. I'm dead in the water now.

  • I have 4 Google Home devices (2 Home, 1 Mini and 1 Max).  Eero keeps forcing my Home Max on 2.45Ghz where performance is absolutely terrible.  Having the option to shut down 2.4 Ghz or force 5Ghz for specific devices would be beneficial.

  • If there is no plans for this how do we create a request for a feature like this. I personally would like the control at the MAC level I have legacy devices that only work on 2.4 and I have to reboot them to get them back to 2.4 when they loose connection. I also have an Apple TV that seems to only want to connect to 2.4 when it wakes up no have to reload it to force it to 5Ghz or I have the worst performance. Even just the option to provide a separate SSID for the different networks.

  • My eero is on a console which happens to be between my tv and the soundbar's subwoofer which cuts in and out intermittently. I wanted to see if turning off 2.4Ghz on the eero would of reduced this possible interference. (Soundbar with Subwoofer is an LG-SJ9)

  • I agree. This is a bad setup. I have my two main devices that I use for work and they cannot keep a connection to 2.4. It is absolutely frustrating. Also paying for additional speed that is ignored because the eero defaults everything to the 2.4 does not sit well with me either. I messed up by making the assumption (rather than researching) that it would allow me to configure it and now have to return them and go back to multi-router setup. It does help with the kids in the house but frankly, if I can't work, then there will be nobody to pay for their internet anyway. 

    • Hi, Rose – Thanks so much for taking the time to share your concerns with us, and welcome to the eero Community. I can definitely understand how performance issues are frustrating, and we appreciate your insights on how this feature would help on your home network.

      One important thing to keep in mind with WiFi is that the 2.4GHz frequency is an important and integral part of any network, and isn't necessarily as slow or unreliable as it can seem. It sounds like you're experiencing device instability, which may be indicative of other issues unrelated to the frequency. If you haven't yet, I strongly encourage you to email us all the details of the situation to support@eero.com with my name and "Community Feedback" in the subject line. From there, I'll be able to make sure that we take a look at your network and see what we can do to help improve this!

      Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention, and welcome once again to the Community. We're glad to have you here, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

      Drew, eero Community

      • jeez14
      • jeez14
      • 1 yr ago
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      I hope this doesn't come as offensive to the support team at eero and as an active critical reminder of what needs to be fixed. 


      Compared to other mesh networks eero lacks the adaptability to implement users with features as simple as choosing which device can access a certain band (2.4 or 5). Moreover, the fact that your support team simply comes up with zero acknowledgement and comments as such as 'check your device' or 'device instability' is ridiculous. 

      There are many devices which can not use the 5Ghz frequency and vice versa with 2.4Ghz, and there is no solution with eero to address this problem. 

      I have multiple devices that I have had that need to use the same network in order to communicate, however when they are on different bands they can not always communicate. I have switched hardware with other mesh systems and solved this issue. 

      I hope the staff at your company one day has management or enough common sense to address simple issues such as this and resolve them, instead of just replying with nonsensical comments as 'we encourage you to contact us' and have no solution to provide.

      It is actually so hard to comprehend how a company with such great outreach and hardware does not realize their failure. For me eero is way too behind on simple solutions and have failed to see their potential in this field.

      Please, if not for your customers but at least for your business itself (before it fails), improve your software.

  • Rethink this Eero.. you are killing me with being too simplistic.. give us options to do things.. I totally bought the wrong wireless for this house..

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  • Eero, as always, setting wifi configurability back by 10 years each and every day.  Hopefully Amazon will put an end to Eero's complete disregard for customers.

  • I am in the same situation. I do not need 2.4 GHz, and can get far better speeds from my ISP providers modem. If I can't figure out a way to switch to 5ghz I guess I'm just gonna return these

  • +1 for a variation of this feature. I have some finicky Leviton light switches that work with HomeKit, but they frequently get lost on the network. Their tech support articles indicate that the switches do not play well with wireless networks that have the same SSID for 2.4 and 5ghz. I would like to be able to specify certain devices on my network and force them to 2.4 or 5. 

    For troubleshooting and getting these devices back online, i would also like the ability to temporarily disable 5ghz. 

  • Why not allow the customer to decide which Band they want to use, disable, or force.  What is the business reason to just say NO??

      • andrew
      • andrew.2
      • 2 mths ago
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      rickeng19 if you add options, you have to test and support those options. The more options you add, the more configurations you have to account for. 

  • Eero got my money and I seriously  regret it. No ability to turn off 2.4, no ability to do NAT ranges. I’ll trash these and go buy a better, more configurable mesh setup and make sure that my colleagues and clients do the same.

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