Manual overide to make 5 available everywhere

This is the most annoying part of Eero - to set up 5 G you have to be near the base that is plugged into your ISP. Even so, when I log out of my laptop and go to another room, it reverts back to 2.4.  And the TV? I’m not carting the TV back to where the base is. It is ridiculous you cannot force it to 5G anywhere. 

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  • Hi  Pfitzgeral —

    Thanks for reaching out. It isn't possible to set the network to just 5Ghz as eero is a mesh network that utilizes a mix of the 2.4 and 5Ghz to provide seamless roaming and a single network. However, if you'd like to turn on band steering, it can help with keeping devices on 5Ghz.

    To enable band steering:

    1.  Open the eero app
    2. Tap on the menu button
    3. Tap on Network Settings
    4. Scroll to eero Labs
    5. Enable Band Steering
  • Thank you for your response.  I found the Band Steering which is noted as a beta. I turned it on. I set my laptop near the base and disconnected then reconnected to the wi-fi. It went from 2.4 to 5. All fine and dandy.  I shut the laptop down and went to the other room.  I restarted it and was back to the 2.4 setting.  My set up is the 2nd gen base in my office and 2nd gen in hallway but my original 1st gen is in the room where I want the 5. Not being able to put all devices on 5 is really the only thing I dislike about the Eero system. It is annoying to me. 

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      Pfitzgeral  —

      Thanks for giving that a try and for the feedback.

      When you toggle the WiFi off and back on in the other room, does it connect to 5 Ghz? Or does it stay on 2.4 Ghz? Sorry if that is what you meant by "I restarted it and was back to the 2.4 setting."

  • Hello, I just restarted the Windows 10 laptop, disconnected the wi-fi in Windows and reconnected.  It remains at 2.4.  Not working for me. 

  • I just can't recommend the Eero product to friends and family because of this issue.  If I had the ability to force a 5g connection on specific devices it would make all the difference in the world.  Houses are on top of each other in my neighborhood so 2.4 slows to a halt from 3-10pm.  I shouldn't have to unplug one of the units to force my computer to connect to another unit hoping its going to be a 5g band... seems to be a weekly ritual.   The media streamer in my family room always connects to the 2.4 band and for the first time in 10 years my netflix is buffering.  Band Steering does not solve this issue.  

    • jjknowlton Contact your client's manufacturer.  They're responsible for the AP that the client connects to.

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