Feature Request: Port Forwarding Range

I would like to be able to port forward a range of ports. Right now they have to be input individualy. ie: In order to open port 1000 to 1100 it has to be input 100 times. 


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  • Can you please implement this feature in an update soon? This is a really important feature for all router/modems to have. Please update me if you have any news about this!

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  • Just setup my new eero system and was shocked to see this missing feature :(

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      DewVinci I know right? eero is soooo intuitive... 🙄

  • Looks like there’s no way to play my Nintendo Switch online with UPnP disabled. You know, since I can’t forward a port range.

  • I use MOSH (https://mosh.org) for my home server. It requires that you have a port range open of 60000 to 61000. Adding 1000 ports is going to be tedious. Couldn't it just be as simple as allowing a star in the port, EG 6*000 ?

    My POS Pace allows port forwarding for a range. 

  • This should be a simple and straight forward feature to implement, even for a junior level developer.  All that is needed is a option to enter a range, and then when saving the range create an entry for each port in the range mapping the external port to the same internal port. After this is done the user could then modify the entries if the internal port is different from the external port (since 99.99% of the time both are the same).  Implementing It this way shouldn't require any modification to the current port forwarding infrastructure and cover 99% of the use cases of a feature that has been on every router I have ever used.  I'll even offer my time for free to implement it.

  • I was shocked this wasn't in the UI. It's been a feature in every router for the last 20 years.

    Unlike some of the feature requests this is a software only, pretty easy change. Why hasn't it been added yet?

  • are you kidding right?

    this feature are REALLY BASIC, im using MOSH like @bdennyw and in need to open these range of ports (60000 to 61000) how can achieve that? 

    I come from google wifi and I'm seriously thinking of going back. PLEASE consider this for upcoming updates because it is SHAMEFUL !!!

  • Jeff C. (or anyone from the Eero team), what is the ETA for this? Thanks

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