Feature Request: Port Forwarding Range

I would like to be able to port forward a range of ports. Right now they have to be input individualy. ie: In order to open port 1000 to 1100 it has to be input 100 times. 


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  • This HAS to get changed, I'm a pro installer and I have a VOIP technician installing a system at a clients house that needs 2 ranges involving 600 addresses each!!!  It even has a dash on the keyboard that comes up in the app for inputting a range... why is this such a hard concept to implement?!  and WHY on EARTH did you remove ability from tech support before fixing the app!?!?!

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      JCinNC I'm a pro installer too, what I've learned is this is not exactly a 'pro' device. If it a port range is too complicated for the users, at least give us the ability to do it in the RNM pro page. I can't configure video intercoms, camera systems, etc. These are features that routers have had for more than 20 years.

      And I imagine they stopped doing it from the backend is because they have been barraged with support tickets and don't want to deal with it anymore.

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    • nadeembaste JCinNC The newest update allows range port forwarding

  • Honestly this is killing me inside. I actually loved eero was using in 3 different homes and for the first time ever decided I would try to utilize in one of my businesses. The functionality and the user apps is great however I have realized it is not meant to be used in a business atmosphere being it can not provide a much needed basic port forwarding range that is used an many small businesses. Time to move on resell my eero devices.

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    • nadeembaste Where do you see this?  I have the latest update and don't see this for IPv4 port forwarding. 

    • ItalianJoe69 

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    • nadeembaste If you click on that DVR port forward it won't be a range.  The first number is the external port and the second is the internal port. A range would look more like 10000 - 20000

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  • Wowwwwww. just knocked the wind out of some of my complaint sails

  • They didn't add port forwarding feature. 

    The activity in the Android app is still from the original app.  It is the only activity in the app that doesn't honor the Dark mode setting.  They rewrote the entire app, forgot about the port forwarding activity, and pasted in at the last minute.

    The android app was just updated yesterday, after the router update to improve port forwarding.  They still haven't updated that activity to even honor dark mode much less add this feature

    Also, this Feature Request is still 'Under Consideration', which means they haven't even committed to implementing it much less releasing it to us.

    Jeff C. 
    Could we get an official response from eero as to why they can't / won't implement this feature? 

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  • Just tried to forward a range of ports yesterday and still not working.  Luckily I only need to enter a range of 10 individually.  Seems like it would be an easy thing to program - hard to understand why it's been 3 years and they still can't do it.

  • Why is this STILL not a feature?!?! I can’t wait to manually enter in 199 individual ports. Great job, eero team....

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  • This seriously needs to be implemented already. I've been a big promoter of Eero and installed it in 3 business location. Sadly I learned today at the worst time that there is no range port forwarding. I have to open ports 9000-9398 and 10600-10998 MANUALLY!

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  • Seriously guys, 3 years you've had it in your list of considered items? It's been available on every router I've ever worked with since at least the early 2000's and you're still considering it? I bought this setup thinking that it was new technology, but with this, I've got a headache on my hands that hasn't been an issue for the entirety of my time spent working with computers. I've been tinkering with port range forwarding for nearly 2 decades now, it should have been part of the base package for this router, not something you haven't addressed after 3 years of complaints about it's absence.

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  • I just got a set of Eero's thru the Amazon deal and discovering a lot of functionality that should  be in a router thats lacking.

    1) Port forwarding a range of ports (I dont want to enter them manually)

    2)  Connected devices not being updated in the app.  I have devices on the network that are online and functioning but the app shows as offline

    3)  No web gui interface.

    4) Android app does not work.  I have a Samsung s8+ and the app does not work.  wasted over 4 hours.

    Saw a lot of reviews where they said this was better than google wifi.  I guess Eero must have paid them to do those reviews.


    Will try this out and see if there are better deals during thanksgiving.

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