Feature Request: Port Forwarding Range

I would like to be able to port forward a range of ports. Right now they have to be input individualy. ie: In order to open port 1000 to 1100 it has to be input 100 times. 


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  • I have utilized support for this in the past and they have been awesome. Unfortunately the multiple ports are really cluttered in the app. The ports also don't populate in numerical order and can be difficult to manage after the fact. 

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  • Ah, glad to hear you've been able to work with us to get it set up. The additional feedback is great, and I'm happy to share it with the team.

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  • +1

    I would love to be able to upload a text file with port forwarding assignment. Maybe a simply csv file?

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  • Jeff C.  I need to forward a large range of ports for an IP phone. I just tried calling eero support based on your comment above and they had no idea what you were talking about. they said it can't be done. please advise!

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  • Hi  therealbyrnesie

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Unfortunately, we are no longer able to provide this action on our end. We are continuing to look into other options, but for the time being, this can no longer be done via our admin. If there are specific ports you need to add, our team will be happy to help, or you can add them from within the eero application. You can read those steps here.

    If this is a client device and the manufacturer suggests an entire range, it may be best to contact their support (or we can do a little digging ourselves) to find out what port tends to work best and start with those first.

    This will continue to be a feature request as a consumer-facing advanced tool.

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  • Is there a reason this is so hard to implement?  Or is it considered too complicated for users?

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  • I'd love an answer on this... I'm a few days in to the eero and love it so far, but this is a deal-breaker right now and it will suck to have to return this product...

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  • Gotta say this is really important. And incredibly weird not to have it already in the app. Every modem and their cousin have this feature.

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  • For real! And no reply from eero. ???

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  • Thanks everyone for checking in. This is a feature we are continuing to track. I'm happy to share this feedback and interest with the team.

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  • Port forwarding and setting up a DMZ would be fantastic. Honestly it would be to my preference that all ports were open on my Eero all the time, but I can't even configure that without manually inputting it one at a time.

    Is there any way you guys could share the tool you used to have internally so that we could forward ports?

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  • I am requesting port forwarding ranges, too.  It shouldn't be that hard to implement.  Every router I have ever used for the last 15 years has had the feature, and I can't understand why a router that claims to be one of the most advanced on the market can't do it.  

    Can you please explain why this can't be done from a technical standpoint?  Or tell us that you're going to do it?  Thanks.

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  • Adding my +1 for this feature

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  • Yes please, just installed me Eero and went to setup my Mosh port forwarding 60000-60999 and ummm really? I have to do that 999 times? Crazy talk. 

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  • I also agree and need this (for forwarding Mosh as others have said here too).

    I realize you have a simple GUI but it's a matter of adding a "-" to let me say 60000-60999.

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