Eero behind a pfsense firewall.. techie question.

I have a setup with a pfsense firewall computer between my ISP and my local networks. I have several subnets including a home subnet which the main eero is connected to.

My techie question is since this is a double-nat setup the firewall provides DHCP to the main eero  - is there anything I need to configure for my firewall's subnet/DHCP that the main eero is looking for - things like "ntp" or static arp or any dhcp options an ISP might provide? I mean my internet does seem to work so figured all was well but wanted to check with you. Hope this makes sense..

I have experienced sporadic wifi dropoffs or connection issues with certain devices and have submitted a support ticket but wanted to cover all bases here.

Thanks again!

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  • As far as I know eero does not expect any extra dhcp flags or static arp routes. However, I would recommend you run your network in bridge mode. That way you avoid the double NAT.

  • Well I did at first  and then I had some very weird behavior with the 3 hardwired units cycling offline then online periodically - I could watch this happen from the phone app. I contacted support and they suggested that some users were experiencing issues like this under bridge mode and that there is some sort of fix with bridging that might help in the next update. They suggested I go the double nat route.  I did that and things improved - no eeros routers going offline. Also gained easier control (profile for my 9 yr old) over the home network connections. Still having other intermittent issues that may be related to the switch I have plugged into the main eero and routing. Something to do with spanning control protocol or somesuch. Talking with support about it now.

    Thanks again for taking the time to respond - I know you guys must be super busy. Looking forward to the improvements and enhancements.



  • If double NAT works for you it's totally fine. You might be able to fix the issue you were having by allocating reserved dhcp leases for your eero units or doing a hard reset and setting up your network again. In any event, you're right: you won't get profiles.

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