Put new devices into a queue before granting access in the first place

I would love the previously requested ability to have a 'forget this device' feature.  But I wonder if what eero really needs for the best security, is to use a gatekeeper approach that would prevent new devices from transmitting/receiving on the network in the first place.  Let the user 'Approve' each device first.

Create an 'On Deck' area which lists all new devices found.  Then one by one, devices could be given a profile right away and granted access.  This would prevent any unwanted devices from ever getting on the network and thereby preventing them from ever getting in our recent devices list in the first place.  A MVP feature to this story should also give the ability to flush/reset/clear the entire 'On Deck' list to clear out the clutter and refresh the list. 

As an example-based follow-up to this request... One problem I had during my setup of a 3 piece system yesterday is realizing that I instantly had almost 2 dozen devices in my list, didn't know what each device even was or where to find it, then finding I couldn't remove some that didn't belong was frustrating.  I would rather let devices into the network, 1 at a time, verifying each mac address, naming them properly, then testing each one as I let it on.  This would make for a much less frustrating experience.

Thank you for your consideration 👍

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  • And yes, I did like my own suggestion.  Every vote counts! 😎

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  • Thanks  4plGuy  😀

    This is a good adaptation to the other request mentioned. I really appreciate the use case you provided. This always helps to convey why this is needed. Happy to share it with the team!

    Thanks again!

    P.S. -- everyone should like their own request! Like you said, every vote helps 😉

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  • I know that the last activity on this was about 2 years ago, but I was just searching to see how/where this very feature is implemented within Eero. I stumbled upon this community, and in particular, this post since I wasn't able to find the answer. 


    I completely agree. I currently have a Norton Core Router between my internet model and my Eero network, and I use this feature so often upon the Core. This is especially true when someone shares that WiFi password without me knowing. They still have to contact me to ultimately grant/permit access. It is almost like a sort of two factor authentication. Knowing the WiFi password isn't enough. You also have to know the WiFi administrator. :).


    So here is my vote, and I hope to see this feature implemented. It will only go to enhance the security of the Eero network. And for the record, this should not be a requirement, but just a selected option. Again, similar to how it is implemented upon the Norton Core.

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  • PLEASE implement some version of this request.  With multiple kids who either share passwords they shouldn’t, or Apple devices sharing passwords automatically, this would help me tremendously when trying to limit each child or category without inevitably turning off things I don’t mean to.   So many devices join the network before I can appropriately name them and assign a profile, thus limiting the ability to grant only the appropriate access.  

  • Has anything been done to address this need? An "Unknown Device" signed on as a Guest this morning to my eero 6 network,  and I didn't discover it for a couple hours. The Guest sign-in info has only been given to two people that live over 200 miles from here, and I can't imagine what might have occurred "inside" this morning to create a new-device message. I blocked the device, but sure would have liked the option of denying access in the first place.

    • DAG the fact that you don’t get a push notification for an unknown device joining the network has irked me…

  • This would be great!

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