Need VPN and Dynamic DNS support on router node


I have some feature requests for features that are typically found in today’s medium to high end  AC routers.

The EERO router is priced at the higher end so I think it’s only reasonable to expect  some “high end” features.

·         Built-in VPN support

·         Built-in Dynamic DNS support (i.e. NOIP.COM)

·         Basic Qos for Video and Audio streaming (i.e. online video/music streaming and home IP phones)

Please share some information on whether or not the features above will be available in future releases of the EERO firmware.    I am a network engineer  and help many clients on the side with their home networking needs so I need the flexibility that the feature requests above would provide.    I like the EERO form factor and its performance so far but my clients are asking for some capabilities that EERO does not currently have.

Please advise.


Pat McShane

Cisco – Webex

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    • omnicoreinc
    • 6 yrs ago
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    VPN passthrough support is included, and noip.com has a download you can run from the client pc to update the host A record on noip.com when the ip lease expires. QOS isnt needed in a home install if they have bandwidth that can support all the assets on the network.

    • pemcshane
    • 6 yrs ago
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    Understood that VPN passthrough is supported. I am asking for direct VPN support on the EERO router unit. I need QOS because I don't have an an average installation. I need to manage the 300MBs connection carefully. I also use NOIP.COM but prefere the router to handle that function so PC's at the house don't need to stay on consuming power all the time.

      • omnicoreinc
      • 5 yrs ago
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      pemcshane you have to manage 300MB carefully and you dont have one pc thats always on to run the noip client.. right....

    • grgcombs
    • 5 yrs ago
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    dynamic dns (via google domains+++++ or via hurricane electric

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