Moved, new house, no wired LAN

We've been running 3 Eero's in our house (Colorado) for the last 2 years and everything was good for the most part.  We also had wired LAN through part of the house which allowed us to extend the Eero range further by having each one on the LAN.

1) We are moving into a rental house here in Florida and there is absolutely no LAN nor anyway to back-fill a LAN.  So, my main question is, can I hook my 1st Eero (red in image) to the modem, then run a switch off of the 2nd Eero (blue in image) for my home office (desktops with no WiFi) and again on the 3rd Eero (blue in image) for our media center?

2) How do I start over with all of the settings?

3) I also have a lot of IoT devices (Hue Lights, 3 Echos, Wemo switches, Nest, etc).  I just want to confirm that these all need to be on the main network


Running 3 Gen 1 Eeros.  Looking at subscribing to the Plus Package as well.

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  • 1) Absolutely! That’s exactly how I have my 3 eeros setup (with switches behind the “leaf” eeros).

    2) There’s no need to reset your eero settings, unless you had a static IP setup with your previous ISP. Just plug them in (in any order) and they’ll configure themselves. And you’ll keep all your wireless settings the same and whatnot.

    3) Your IoT devices might not need to be on the main network (I.e. join them to the guest WiFi network instead), but I wouldn’t recommend that. Even if they do work on the guest network, that means you’ll always be connecting to them through the server, instead of directly—even while on your local network. So that can impact speed.

      • kbarrows
      • kbarrows
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      cMoo92 On point #3: that was my thought as well.  Thanks for confirming. 

      I also use Yonomi on an older Apple Pad that just sits on the charger inside the house.  IFTTT is great for a single trigger, zapier will handle multiple conditions but gets pricy, same with stringify, so I found Yonomi but it is accessed via android/apple mobile devices only.  One day I'll find an IoT "hub" with multi-trigger support.

      • kbarrows
      • kbarrows
      • 4 yrs ago
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      cMoo92 - we are in and everything is setup. Just as you suggested no further settings were needed. After a week in this configuration I've noticed severe wife degradation. Eero (router <--> modem) reports 179Mbps. Everything else in the house is reporting 2-12Mbps! Android phones running speedtest.net, laptop running speedtest.net and Roku is buffering more and more.

      We have a kitchen between the 1st (wired) Eero and the 2nd (wireless) Eero.  A direct run of maybe 40 feet.  When we first turned everything on I was seeing my wifi devices report near the same speed as Eero is reporting.  Any ideas how to troubleshoot this?  (I also emailed support so no worries if anyone here does not have an immediate answer.)

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      kbarrows “severe wife degradation” as you described it... much more serious than any wiring or buffering issues. Not sure eero can fix that one :). 

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  • I am in big twouble now!  If I can't tell the difference between my wife and my wifi it may be time to retire!  (all misspellings on purpose).

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