Reserved IPs on Guest Network

We use our guest network for all of the various IoT devices around our home. One of the troubleshooting techniques for devices dropping off the network (think Nest thermostat) is to give the device a static IP on the network. Sadly, this feature is limited only to the trusted network, and not the guest network.

I would love the ability to reserve an IP for devices like our thermostat, security cameras, etc.

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    This would be a great feature. I have multiple heating zones, and would like to have one main Nest thermostat on the main network, and a secondary Nest thermostat for guests, on the second wifi network.

    Unfortunately, like you said, the Nest thermostat works very badly on the Eero guest wifi.

    I think if we could change the Eero guest network to a secondary, non-guest network, it should solve the issue. I'm not worried about security in my house, I only give the wifi password (main/guest) to people I know. I'd rather have two normal wifi networks than a watered-down guest network.

    Add your vote there, and maybe we can get Eero to implement it:


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