Show which SSID a device is connected to

I would love to be able to see which SSID devices are connected to. There are times when I want to make sure that other user devices are connecting to the Guest network over the Home network, and I'd like to just have that little bit of verification. Would be nice to have it listed right under which Eero AP it is connected to. 

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    • dfrinAA
    • 4 yrs ago
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    If you open your eero App and go to the "Connected Devices" list, then click on any device, it will list the IP Address.  Devices on the main eero network get an IP starting with 192.168.7;
    while devices on the guest network get an ip starting with 192.168.10, .11 or 12.

    I know it would be nice if the eero team added a list that showed them all on one page, but in the interim, you can check each device following the steps above.

    • sbillard
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Add me to the list requesting explicit indication of the SSID a device is connected to.

    BTW, at least on my network the main network is 192.168.4... I presume the real distinction is that devices on the main network are on the same subnet as the Gateway eero IP address in the network settings and guest connections are on a different subnet.

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