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I think Eero's future could revolve around add-ins... I would gladly pay for a circle-like functionality as image kids who I could use good content filtering

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  • Expanding to have robust content filtering would be a great addition to the eero.  There are plenty of ways to run into bad content on accident, and filters would at least help keep that from happening.  

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  • Y'all can use something such as OpenDNS for now. Their FamilyShield is free. Very easy to change the DNS to match theirs inside of the eero app.
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  • I'm already using OpenDNS's family shield, but would prefer something that gives per-device granularity.  

    I've also heard of issues in the past with streaming media while using OpenDNS because CDN networks hosting streaming content answer DNS servers based on geo-location.  So, if you are pointing to OpenDNS's DNS servers on the east coast of the US (along with the rest of the east coast), you may be pointing to the same Netflix/Amazon streaming servers as everyone else using those OpenDNS servers, possibly overcrowding them.  Now, this was a few years ago and perhaps they have done something to alleviate that issue.

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  • Be Careful with DNS settings. Currently only your main network will honor DNS settings set in the app. Anyone on the Guest network ignores the DNS settings set in the app. Eero promised they will fix it but don't have ETA yet. If possible, I would suggest to have ability to set separate DNS settings for main & guest network to have more flexibility. 

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  • I would also love to see this become part of eero. I am using Circle now, before I bought Eero and it worked great with my previous router. I'm having intermittent issues with eero but would love to be able to use only eero and family device profiles to keep my 11 year old from coming across content she shouldn't. Either way, I need to keep my Circle for now but please, eero, make this a priority. If you feel the need to charge for it, that's fine but PLEASE let it be a one time charge and not a monthly fee. I'm drowning in everything going to a monthly fee model these days. 

  • Thanks for the feedback, skyfranks 👍

    With regards to:

    I am using Circle now, before I bought Eero and it worked great with my previous router. I'm having intermittent issues with eero...

    If you haven't yet, please contact eero support so we can take a look. There are not any known issues with Circle on eero networks, so we'd be happy to take a look and hopefully get whatever is going on resolved. 

    Feel free to give us a call at 1-877-659-2347 or email us at support@eero.com .

  • Any updates on this, I'm debating now if my Eero will continue to be sufficient or if I have to start considering other devices which would suck after I spent $400 on this setup.

    Sadly I've run into an issue where this is a top priority. :-/

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  • I was a bit disappointed to find out that there are intermittent issues when using Circle with Eero.  I personally only experienced some minor issues during the initial setup and things seem to be working just fine now.  I agree that the Family Profiles are a great start, but having more robust features like content and application filtering is a must for families today.

  • A good, intermittent/quick fix might be to force certain profiles to use certain dns settings. For example, eero allow you to setup a custom open dns settings. However, they are easy to circumvent for a savvy user. It would be better to push this to the family profile and force the dns to use open dns filtering and not allow that certain device to use any other dns settings. This would allow me as a parent to not filter mine or my wife's internet connection but still allow for filtering for my children without eero having to build something as robust as circle right now. This might be a happy medium that would benefit a lot of people. 

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      I second this suggestion.  Per profile DNS settings would be a good first step.

  • Hi everyone!

    In case you missed today's announcement, in the coming weeks, we will be launching a security suite baked right into eero called eero Plus! 

    We are really excited to provide this offering, allowing eero customers to create an even greater level of security and peace of mind with their networks.

    While eero will always keep up to date to protect your network against the latest in security threats, eero Plus ensures that your devices stay safe from landing on websites that may contain malware, phishing attacks, and many other types of threats to your personal devices. In addition to protecting your devices, eero Plus also lets you better protect those on your network from seeing inappropriate content.

    We hope those of you interested in content filtering and greater networking security will be excited to eero Plus! For more, please see this help center article.

  • really like Eero Plus for this

  • Eero Plus users really need the ability to add more granular filtering. I'd like to be able to blacklist and whitelist websites. This is something I can get for $10/year on openDNS. Why can't I do this on Eero's $100/year plan?

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  • I agree. I'm so frustrated right now because Eero Plus is not as good as Circle, yet the two (eero and circle) just flat out do not work together, and one points the finger at the other. I need one solution that isn't fractured, broken and lacking coverage and features. 

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  • skyfranks  Glad I'm not the only one. I honestly think that most people who want family filtering would also want the ability to whitelist/blacklist sites or have other more granular options. Certain social media sites, video/streaming sites, etc. There are all kinds of reasons someone might want to block certain sites or domains that aren't directly related to explicit content. For the price of Eero plus, we ought to be able to do that.

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  • I want to bump this request. I know there's eero Plus now, but I'd like to be able to take a profile and block certain sites or conversely, allow only certain sites. I had this with my old router, I could block things based on the mac address. if Netgear can do it, surely it can be done with this mesh wifi

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