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Is there any kind of activity monitor built into eero? I'd like to be able to see what websites my children are going to. 

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  • Hi @stroebele,

    There currently isn't anything like that available. You could post it as a suggestion in the discussion & feedback location linked below. 


  • Hey stroebele -- if you set your DNS up with OpenDNS, then you can see what websites they're going to based on the DNS requests, and also provide some protection against malicious and inappropriate content.  

    Unfortunately, that only applies to the primary network -- it does not apply to the guest network.  That's hard wired to the Google DNS servers (unfortunately -- which is a separate feature request).  

  • Similar feature is available in a product called Covenant Eyes.  eero should incorporate something similar.  

  • I would love to see that done. I used to have Almond mesh network and it was one of the best features on it. Eero is just too good of a wi-fi mesh system overall for me to switch to anything else at this point, but I can't imagine that this feature would be too hard to add to Family profiles. And at $99 yearly subscription cost I feel like it should be a must.

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  • Is this feature still under consideration? It feels like a natural fit with the profiles and current offering of parental controls.

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  • Is there a status update on this? With so many children doing remote learning, this is no longer a want but is a need with parental controls. 

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  • Also would love to have url logging feature now that the kids are doing virtual class.

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  • This kind of logging is essential given how children are now virtual--and know how to delete from their device's history!

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  • Agreed.  This feature is widely available in a number of mesh equipment/services or services like Disney's Circle.  It seems like a natural fit for the eero Secure subscription service. 


    For example, to take advantage of "Block & Allow sites" it is helpful to have an activity log based on the user's profile of where they have visited, esp. for minors. 

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  • I 100% agree. This would be a game-changer as a parent. 

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  • Absolutly not, that is an invasion of our childrens privacy.

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      sike123 the payer of the internet bill has a right to see what internet traffic is being used in my opinion

  • I'm not sure how useful those logs will be for tracking children.  You're going to see requests to certain domains that are showing an advertisement or a borrowed picture embedded in a web page, even if it's not clicked on.  That will make it very difficult to see what content the child is actually viewing.

    OTOH, I would love to get detailed logging so that I can understand what web properties my smart devices are accessing.  It wasn't that long ago that Internet cameras were hacked and became part of a drone army attacking various web sites.  I'm already creating profile groups for those devices, but have been surprised that e.g. chat and email services have to be enabled in Eero to listen to Amazon Music on an Echo Show 5.  Being able to limit those autonomous devices to the domains that we characterize as "normal behavior" would be very useful.

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