wifi stopped connecting to my Samsung TV

I have a 6 month old Samsung wifi TV.  its worked perfectly, but today, for no reason it just stopped connecting to my internet.  I have the Eero mesh network, and was told from Samsung that these tv's only connect to the 2.4ghz networks.  If its mesh, and its always worked, there's no reason it should not work now, unless there's another issue.  I connected my tv to my phone as a hotspot, so I know its not the TV with the issue, and internet on my laptop in the same room the TV is in, is lightning fast, so I know its not a low network connection issue, the TV simply won't connect to my network.  Neither my main network, nor the guest network I set up, which is strictly 2.4ghz.   Been on hold with tech support waiting to speak to someone, for over 15 minutes now.   Pretty lame tech support if you ask me.   Appreciate any insight.

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  • “nor the guest network I set up, which is strictly 2.4ghz” - what do you mean by this statement? Do you have another router setup for your guest network? eero doesn’t allow you to only enable specific radios, so I’m confused as to what this means. If you can help clarify that, it might help me help you (although I will say, this sounds more like an issue that needs eero’s support team, rather than just a lowly eero customer like me).

    Sorry you’re on hold, but 15 minutes doesn’t sound outrageous/lame to me. Especially considering it’s a holiday weekend so there are probably more new customers calling in with issues and/or they are short staffed. 15 min doesn’t seem to me to be uncommon for other types of customer service either (banking, phone company, cable company, computer tech support, etc.).

  • I spoke  to someone at tech-support who said there was some kind of IP issue, which he fixed on his side.   Now it works.  Annoying either way, as the whole point is this is supposed to be painless, yes I have almost as many issues with Eero as I did with my Apple time capsule.  

  • I just idea I would post this arrangement here after I went through a few days and hours on the telephone attempting to get my Samsung Smart TV to associate with the web.write my assignment
    In the wake of having the TV for a long time with not issues by any means, all of a sudden it would not interface with WiFi.

  • today I started to experience almost the same problem as above.  Samsung TV was connected to wi-fi/internet yesterday, today it isn't.  Every other device on my Eero is functioning just fine.

  • I have the same issue with an LG tv for the past few months. Have tried troubleshooting several times which works on and off. Today i connected the tv to my hotspot - worked great. So what is the issue (i initially thought it was a faulty tv).? Also seems that when there is an app update such Netflix/Prime the tv internet connection stops working. Did anyone get this resolved via eero?

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      danireynolds I'm also having this issue.  Just randomly can't connect the tv to the internet unless I unplug the tv and plug it back in again.  Did you have any luck?

  • this was so long ago, I don't really recall what I did or even if I did anything.  My issue went away a day or so after and has never returned

    • hopley Long story short this has been going on for months. I finally figured out that it seemed to happen when there were netflix/prime updates (even though on automatic) that wasn't happening. After several attempts of troubleshooting, resetting (that worked on occasions not every time) the result was to un unbridge the eero from comcast router. I understand the frustration and it seems that different things work for different units etc. To be honest we always found resetting the tv to work until it didn't and then we had to explore other options (an LG tv less than 12mths old). Our set up is comcast modem/routeur with additional mesh wifi eero, we unbridged the connection and both tv's are working and updating. I hope this may help.

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