Function as WiFi network without Internet

Please add ability to use as a Wi-Fi network even when internet service is down such as following a power outage when power returns but internet is out for hours or days afterwards. WiFi is still needed for wireless printing, Airplay content from phone to TV (especially useful during cable/internet outage), etc. Every other router I have ever owned had this capability to manage wireless LAN locally when internet went down.

This needs to be added, hopefully soon, as a firmware update for EXISTING customers, not just for next generation hardware.

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  • Hi everyone —

    We have added support for LAN persistence with the release of eeroOS v3.9.0-1113. This version is now available via user-initiated and automatic OTA.

    To initiate an update, follow the steps found here.

  • Here's an update after testing

    Test #1
    Unplug cat 5 from cable model, leave it plugged into one of the ports on Eero
    Walk away for 10 min & come back.  Red light is on Eero indicating no internet connectivity
    All devices are still connected to Eero wifi ...
    All devices on local lan can ping & I can stream local media from my nas

    Test #2
    Pull power plug on Eero which is still not connected to modem
    Wait 10 min to boot up. Red light is on
    All devices are automatically disconnected from the wifi, indicating that this device is unable to get a local config & get the local network up & running

    This is major design flaw in my opinion

    I thought I replied to this thread earlier yesterday, not sure what happened to my comments

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    • Pete Totally agree. Eero technical support said that this is not a bug but a deliberate design choice. Like you I believe that it is a serious design flaw that needs correction.

      • MarcW
      • MarcW
      • 1 yr ago
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      nsteinmetz I ended up with a ups just for the eero gateway

  • 1. It doesn't take 10 min to boot--it happens in seconds--that's just the eero searching for connectivity.


    2. This issue has been evaluated internally that's all I can say right now. Just be patient (=

    • David C. I hope we don’t need to be patient much longer. I have a large home covered with six eero units, and this is a serious flaw in a product I would otherwise enthusiastically recommend to my friends and family for their homes.


    • nsteinmetz it's resolved today with eero OS 3.9

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    • weaves Thank you.

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  • Hi David,

      Thanks for the clarification on item #2 and I look forward to the firmware update.

    For item #1 I suggest a change of state or maybe blinking the lights at a periodic rate instead of just "red".

    My primary Eero Pro is connected to the cable modem & the 2nd port goes to a 24 port TrendNet gig switch. Everything else including home cat5e goes to that switch.

    I remember asking support about the boot times & what chip was in there x86 or arm, as I expected it to be up in under 10 secs, as with most embedded devices.

  • Could we get an ETA for a firmware update fixing this issue ? Doesn't have to be an exact date.

    1 week, 2 weeks ? I have a 2 week return window for the eero pro 3 pack and I can wait 2 weeks if this will be resolved as I do need local lan running at all times due to my work.

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    • Pete it's resolved today with eero OS 3.9

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      • Pete
      • Pete
      • 1 yr ago
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      • Pete
      • Pete
      • 1 yr ago
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      Pete Thank you very much for addressing this issue.

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