Function as WiFi network without Internet

Please add ability to use as a Wi-Fi network even when internet service is down such as following a power outage when power returns but internet is out for hours or days afterwards. WiFi is still needed for wireless printing, Airplay content from phone to TV (especially useful during cable/internet outage), etc. Every other router I have ever owned had this capability to manage wireless LAN locally when internet went down.

This needs to be added, hopefully soon, as a firmware update for EXISTING customers, not just for next generation hardware.

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    • Takobass
    • 7 mths ago
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    For what it's worth, here is my experience, which is slightly different from the others: 

    I purchased eero for the sole purpose of using it as an "intranet" wired/wireless network router for a live sound mixer. I was able to successfully run the initial setup by joining my home network (connected to the Internet).

    Once it was set up, I USED TO BE able to take the system anywhere and connect all devices to eero network without an Internet connection.

    In other words, once it was set up, eero used to work fine as a standalone LAN router without any Internet. However, something broke in the last couple of years where WIRELESS network still works without any Internet, but it Ethernet network now only works if there is an Internet connection. 

    I CLEARLY REMEMBER CONNECTING DEVICES VIA HARD WIRE WITHOUT ANY INTERNET (after the initial setup). I can't recall which version, but it was working in February 2020 right before COVID lockdown.

    Please make it work again

    • 8IVa_5_KYSTK
    • 4 mths ago
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    I just had the most frustrating call with tech support. The person insisted that an internet connection was required for lan traffic and no other wireless router supported this functionality. 

    I am so disappointed in this major design flaw with eero products (I just purchased a 3 pack of the 6 pros). The only reason I can even imagine that eero would intentionally disable LAN traffic is to sell the eero plus monthly subscription. Whoever at eero thought this was a good idea to break a product so you can sell an add-on is preying on customers that don’t understand the basics of networking. I will say that having your home wifi network tether off your phone (which is what I understand eero internet backup allows) is a very ingenious and useful feature - but it cannot come at the expense of breaking basic product functionality to create a sell-up path.  I was considering paying the monthly subscription before I had this experience of eero blocking lan traffic  now there is no way I will give extra money to the company  

    Has anyone found a useful channel to voice these concerns (someone at eero that is empowered to undo this decision) as the tech support team is not equipped to have discussions on the inadequacies of their products 

    • gaaroo
    • 4 mths ago
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    I'm not very knowledgeable in this area, but my eero pro works when internet is not available.  I found out that my mobile phone just won't connect to LAN wifi when it doesn't have internet with mobile data on.  When I turn off mobile data, my phone can access the LAN content no problem.  On computers, it seems to work fine too.

    What device are you testing the LAN 

    • 8IVa_5_KYSTK
    • 4 mths ago
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    I will do some testing and report back here in a few weeks.  I really hope the customer service rep I spoke with was wrong and this basic functionality actually exists. I noticed you cannot make any changes to the eero network without an internet connection (apparently there is no local connection to the “gateway” eero to access settings. That is a manageable deficiency as long as everything else functions as expected

    • kens59
    • 2 mths ago
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    Same problem happened to me today. Internet outage in the neighborhood because of a downed tree, and our home LAN stopped working too, with both of our eero 6+ units showing red status lights. Both are running current firmware (v6.15.2-99). When I rebooted the cable modem the eero units came back for ~5 minutes and actually worked (stream music from local library, print to network printer, etc.) but then stopped working again until the internet was restored.

    I cannot fathom why they would deliberately design the units this way, other than to sell the eero Plus service to the unsuspecting.

      • kens59
      • 2 mths ago
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      I wrote to eero support about this and received this completely nonsensical reply from 'Rhalp':

      "Eero is only a router no other features available to it, the only work of eero is to distribute high speed internet that you are getting from your ISP 
      about your printer it wont really work since its connected via wifi (internet) now if your wifi (internet) is off that means you cant print to it, 

      what you want is you can still use your printer without internet
      you cant use your car (printer) without fuel(internet)"

      Uh...no. wifi != internet and LAN != internet. When I print to my local network printer it is not printing via the internet. The cluelessness of support is pretty bad. But the designers, engineers, etc. must know the difference between the LAN and the internet, and presumably understand the use case of wanting a functioning LAN even if it's temporarily disconnected from the internet. What are they thinking with this design choice?

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